Seals being harassed and scared off beaches

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    In my neighborhood there is a beach area called "Children's Pool", and it's a favorite hangout, feeding, mating and birthing place of the local seals. However, Opponents of the seals want the beach for humans only. The thing is, we as humans have taken every other beach away from the seals. This is the one place they have left.... Opponents argue legally the beach belongs to the people, but just because it's legal doesn't mean it's right.
    There have been at least two cases of people caught yelling at, harassing, punching, kicking, stepping on, jumping on, and chasing the seals, even babies and their mothers.
    People chase the seals into the water and separate babies from their mothers, or worse people scare pregnant seals so bad they have miscarriages right there on the beach.
    Here's two teenage girls kicking pregnant mothers"]
    Here's a guy chasing them into the water and hitting them with flashlights.

    More information:

    My "Seals at Children's Pool La Jolla" Flickr page with photos and info on seals

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