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Discussion in 'Hip Photos' started by antithesis, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    Here are some pictures from the Kinetic Scuplture Race in Arcata that my friend took while we were there. The pictures are of a few of the vehicles (which had to be human-powered and capable of going on pavement, sand, and water)




  2. Graham

    Graham Member

    :p that race looks totaly bonkers... I wana go!
  3. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    It is totally crazy, hilarious and tons of fun. They have them in a few other places in the states, but I don't know of any in England, so I guess you'll have to come out here to see one ;)
  4. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    that looks like loads of fun
  5. beachbum7

    beachbum7 Lookin' for any fun

    Weird pictures.
  6. There's one in Boulder, CO every year. What a blast! Some good bands perform, too.
  7. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    I am so glad that there are these races in other places. I know there is also one in Corvallis, OR... and I think somewhere up east, Virginia or something...
  8. JOsie

    JOsie Member

    they've done something sort of like that in london the last couple of have to make a flying machine and launch it off the end of a diving board...and the best looking one wins...

    they have a race where you have to build a car too...i think they're both run by red bull...
  9. shaggie

    shaggie Senior Member

    Hip, man. :) That coffee pot looks pretty funny.

    I saw one contest on TV where there are boats made of milk cartons that people ride around.
  10. maryjaneguitargurl

    maryjaneguitargurl I am just like you.

    Man.. I wonder what they would have come up with if they didnt have the idea for that..


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