screams in the night

Discussion in 'Weird, Bizarre and Mysterious' started by enfys moon, May 23, 2007.

  1. enfys moon

    enfys moon Member

    well... last night was scary...

    and i can guarantee for a fact that i wasnt dreaming or high or anything, cos my little brother heard it too.....

    it was probably about 2am i guess. i was sleeping.. i had my window open...

    i get woken to the sounds of something standing right outside my window... screaming... it was really loud and horrifying and whatever/whoever it was, was obviously in a great deal of pain... i would have looked outside but i was too terrified to... knowing my history.. id die... anyhoo...

    over that screaming noise, i heard something else, sort of like a deep voice like a mans and it was sort of half grunting half moaning, screaming and sounded like it was trying to say something but couldnt form words.... the screaming outside my window stopped for a second, then happened once more and stopped all together, but i heard this other deep voice thing pass my window making noise and carrying on, and it took off across my neighbours yard until i couldnt hear it anymore..

    it was really creepy and im trying to come up with a logical explanation.

    if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know
  2. lucyinthesky16

    lucyinthesky16 pirate wench

    i'm not being smart or joking at all, but do you think someone was being hurt? possibly rape? sounds very scary.
  3. CrazybutLazy

    CrazybutLazy Banned

    That's not weird, bizarre, or mysterious. Somebody got raped outside your window.
  4. NightRose

    NightRose idiosynractic rose

    you were up at 2am..probaby tired. the mind plays tricks...or perhaps someone was simply raped outside your window.
  5. hippieatheart

    hippieatheart vagina boob

    that sounds really creepy..
    kinda sounsd like something that would happen around my house.

    one time i heard this weird screaming noise coming from around my house
    and then we found out this guy that lived up the road from us had peacocks and they would scream real loud..
    it was weird
  6. lucyinthesky16

    lucyinthesky16 pirate wench

    yea, peacocks sound like they're screaming for help. my mom's friend mistook a peacock for a lady in peril once :)
  7. That is really weird, if I was you I would have looked outside....
  8. ~AmyLeeLoo~

    ~AmyLeeLoo~ Member

    You said your little brother heard it too? does he describe it as you do?
    I agree with most people saying someone could've been raped...
    have you asked someone else about this? maybe your family or neighbors?
  9. enfys moon

    enfys moon Member

    yeah my little bro heard it too and described it the same.. my grandma n my parents didnt hear it..

    it happened again the next night too n my mum heard it. weve decided maybe its just a retarded bird...
  10. Merry Mab

    Merry Mab Member

    The cats around here sound like that when they're mating
  11. nuttbakedgirl

    nuttbakedgirl Member

    It was the spirit La Larona, she's around my area all the time.
  12. you would die if you checked the window, because of your history? What kind of history? Alot of strange deaths in the family or something?

    Was the voice screaming recognizable as a female or male?

    The rape thing could be a posibility, yes, but if your gonna rape someone, are you gonna rape them in front or close to someones window?
  13. enfys moon

    enfys moon Member

    well, i found out that the screaming was koala's mating... the female screams and the male grunts... but apparently the male died the other day according to my neighbour so no more screaming...
  14. I Pwnt God

    I Pwnt God Member

    Where do you live?...
  15. Koalas????? Thats the wierdest thing ive ever heard! Im in the US, and our paranormal investigating group has ruled out alot of things, but wow, mating koalas screaming! Thats funny, but not that one of them died.
  16. enfys moon

    enfys moon Member

    i live in queensland, australia....
  17. enfys moon

    enfys moon Member

    oh and its not funny when u wake up in the middle of the night terrified...
  18. RancidPunx

    RancidPunx Member

  19. CrazybutLazy

    CrazybutLazy Banned

    I think it's kind of funny that someone was quite obviously raped right outside your window and instead of calling the police you got on the Hip Forums and asked about it on the Weird, Bizzare and Mysterious forums. You should be slapped.
  20. how is that not bizarre?

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