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    String Cheese trivia [​IMG]

    Dead trivia is plentiful.
    Let's build a legend here.

    String Cheese Incident

    1. What was Billy Nershi's other career?

    2. What is the name of Michael Kang's electric mando with the Chinese dragon running down the fret board?

    3. Who did String Cheese play with at Red Rocks in 1999?

    4. Why do they play Whistler, BC?

    5. How many albums have they released?

    6. What is the name of Billy's project band?
    Mike Travis'?

    7. What is the brnd/maker name of Kang's white electric violin (hint he's been thanked on a few albums)

    8. Name that tour bus! They used to: what was the name of the former ski bus they used, now "retired" to Double Dig/ Mike Travis' tours?

    9. Who created the art for Round the Wheel?

    10. How many people are in the band today?


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