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Discussion in 'Busted!' started by mortes, May 17, 2007.

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    All of this happened to my friend (safety reasons) but I'm telling it in first person because that's how he told me.

    Alright I was outside my house after picking up some shit. I hadn't smoked in a couple days prior to this and decided it was time to do so. after a walk I went to the woods with my blanket and pillow, because you know I wanted to be comfortable while smoking a blunt. The blunt is gutted and rolled with me sitting passively on my blanket and about to be sparked. I always make sure no one is around before lighting up and this time was no exception. The first inhale comes and I just think of this beautiful night and how lucky I am to be able to enjoy this moment. About half way down the blunt I hear a voice...

    "Hey boy!" "You better stop smoking weed out here"

    I think "OMFG I'm so busted" so I think rationally and quickly. She keeps saying things too me from her house (which I'm not sure how she saw anything, and I was so far from her house I dunno how she would have smelled anything either) and I'm wrapping my blanket and pillow up, stuffing all my gear in my bag and putting out the blunt in one motion. My heart feels like I'm on crack after she says "I just called the cops, they're on their way" (My friend said he had an oz on him so its understandable as to why he got paranoid) I'm so fucking scared and spooked at this point, I think cops are going to come with flashlights and search where I am, so I quickly walk the other way around the woods and go out the main road. I'm so afraid of the cops coming and seeing a man walking with a blanket and a backpack at close to 10 oclock at night so I dart back to my house and hide outside in a crevice where no one can see me. My heart is racing and I dunno what to do but calm down. I dig for that blunt and finish it off along with a djarum black and just rest there gradually slowing my pulse down to normal.

    Today I wake up and about 30 minutes after waking my dad comes in my room and says my brother got busted and told the cops he has seeds at the house and they are coming to search. My dad and I know the law and so he doesn't let them search but gives them the seeds from the house that my brother said were there. I've got an ounce in here and the situation is looking terrible. They keep trying to convince my dad to let him search but he holds out and they leave telling about drug programs and things to help get this terrible demon off my brother's back. I've been so paranoid about these events its not even funny. They're gone and I go to skateboard and smoke a cig, finally I can chill.

    So all that might have happened would be because somebody wanted to relax and smoke a lil bit. All of this paranoia and life-ruining for what? Ulgh I hate laws.

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