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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by random_spontaneosity, Aug 30, 2005.

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    both me and my boyfriend had some scary dreams a week or so ago.

    this is part of an email he sent me in the morning

    beaminster is near where his mumlives and where he went to school.

    my dream, ican only remember bits, but there was a wholeload of really cool people from school who i knew but not as friends, and they were on a screen somewhere, like a newsbroadcast, in some war, and they werebeing tourtured right therein frontof the camera.

    the only person i can rememberis this guy from school which dreads who i used to have a crush on and he had his leg sawn off with an electric saw thing, and he was the last to be tortured to death.

    its not really much, but i keep seeing someof the images still. andi havent seemthis guy since.

    though it was probably brought on by the fact ive been watching lots of horror movies recently and its all catching up with me

    i love dreams but i only remember the badstuff that happens in them.

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