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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Dandelion_Blood, May 13, 2004.

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    I have flu at the moment and last night i had a scary dream,

    (this really is scary.. i am not a violent person)

    I was in this big house, which had a number of people walking around in sullen faces and black suits. I walked up these stairs into a brightly lit room, sun streaming... i followedsomeone with long hair and i was accopainied but someone i knew also. I felt in danger walking into the room but was also a warrior going into battle... and sure he shall come out victorious.
    People are talking, or i am thinking about a big occasion which i know i mist prevent. The house belongs to something evil..

    Anyway, i turn and the person i knew has left me and is running down the stairs in fast persuit of someone... and behing me the women we followed has grabbed my hands and is digging her nails into my hands... blood drips and i pull myself away tryin to protect any part of my body she might bite or dig her nails into. I am struggling with her and shee keeps trying to draw more blood from me.

    I have this weird sence shee needs blood shed, my blood and the person who was with me. But i can't let her.... i can't i run out of the house and into someone familiars house... i am then the women i think, i pounce on someone and i have this urgency to make him bleed. :( I don't know why, i don't know whats going on but its all ciotic and frightening.

    Then i am fighting with the women again, i have her hands behind her head (i am being honest, although its very disturbing to say it) She is trying desperatly to bite me or jab me. Its like my blood shed is for some ritual as if she has more power if i and the other person with me will give her more power... and strength and control.

    - sounds like so vampire flick, but it was frightening and i was in it and it was something i thought. i understand it maybe just a delireous flu type dreaming... but is there anything to it, at all? -
    feel sily writing it, but it really upset me
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    Hi Dandelion_Blood

    i think this is about the flu and understanding it and honouring the change it helps you on with, on all levels you want to be aware of up from the physical. Even if for now it seems pretty dramatic with all those nasty viruses making you upset.

    But then you created it anyway. The dream offers you to accept the change and find that it might make you stronger and more vulnerable at the same time and maybe a bit more wise, too.
    Just an idea ... wishing you well!

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