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Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by Bassplayerjojo, May 13, 2004.

  1. Hey all! I was wondering if there were any other SB's out there other than myself. Shout out to the family.
  2. What is the SB? I have seen the auction but there was no items listed and when I tried to email off the web site it didn't work??

    Would like to learn more about them -
  3. Joanna*~**~*I am a sb :)
  4. francie pants... represent =) hehehe did i even use that word right? anyhoo... tis me here
  5. Harvest

    Harvest Member

    Beth from Harvest Moon Patchwork here! (sb email under wheeloftheyear) :)
  6. tree

    tree Member

    tree here!! SB since '99!! Nice to see you all here!

    Okay, i'd like to take this moment to let you all know about a fundraiser going on to help Jeff Reagle of Mountains of the Moon . He was in a bad motorcycle accident over the past weekend, and the Sb have organized a charity auction to try and help them with medical expenses. So please check out the auction and look for auctions with ~Reagle Recovery~ in the title, these auctions are donating all proceeds to Jeff and Mel.

    The SB's rock!
    in love and light,
  7. It's so wonderful that there are so many auctions going on now for Jeff. Is there also a place where we can make donations, with paypal or something?
  8. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    wow, i checked that site out and it is wonderful!
  9. tree

    tree Member

    Hey Joanna!

    Yep, donations are being accepted through paypal. The email address to use to send money is
    i'm really overwhelmed and amazed at the amount of people who have stepped up to help. The Sb family is definitely filled wiht love and incredible amazing people!
    Let the love shine on!!
  10. moontime

    moontime mountain girl

    Hey Now!

    This is Sam from Moontime Mountain. I stumbled upon this forum during a google search. Kind of an old thread but thought I'd say hello. Good to see some familiar "faces".
  11. hey mama sam!!! its francie here :) welcome to this lil crafty nook hehehehe.
  12. moontime

    moontime mountain girl

    Hey Francie!!!:D
  13. Hey francie and moontime! Fancy seeing you here :)

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