Say...what's your complex?

Discussion in 'Hippies' started by Hari, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Miss_Beatle

    Miss_Beatle Beatlemaniac

    Well I think it depends on the person.

    For most people, I just think I'm equal to them.

    But when it comes to people who are just filled with hate and violence, idk, kinda makes me think. I'm not saying I'm necessarily better than them, but, I don't see how we could be equal either.
  2. Hari

    Hari Art thou Art

    Be respectful to your superiors, friendly to your equals, and compassionate towards your inferiors.
  3. Isil

    Isil Member

    Lets discuss our various forms of mental regression and what xD

    I dont know about my superiority/inferiority complex, but I believe myself to have all these different mental disorders...including paranoia, lol.

    Perhaps thats what accounts for the fear of my having a bunch of mental issues o_O
  4. Hari

    Hari Art thou Art

    What possible mental issues can a 14 year old have?
  5. ssreetnulov

    ssreetnulov Member

    It depends on the person I am around. I usually act the opposite of them. Like I can control them, or they will control me. It varies on the level of respect I have for them.
  6. ssreetnulov

    ssreetnulov Member

    A lot, actually. Genes and living conditions, etc.
  7. Isil

    Isil Member xD
  8. Hari

    Hari Art thou Art

    Beware of demons with possesion tendencies,,,
  9. Isil

    Isil Member


    That scared me a bit, lol xD

    Well...Meh, im quite neurotic. I suppose my OCD stems from that.

    I just thought id share that little tidbit >.> Heh.
  10. Hari

    Hari Art thou Art

    Ok, I know it's a confusing age, you are not a child, and not an adult either,,demons can prey on that confusion, or any confusion.
  11. The_Moroccan_Raccoon

    The_Moroccan_Raccoon Senior Member

    it fluctuates between superior and inferior, but rarely the same as everyone else
  12. Loveminx

    Loveminx Sports Racer

    I feel inferior to those I admire.
    I feel superior to those who wear A&F, watch mTV, and have downloaded the song "This is why I'm hot."
  13. frkadela

    frkadela Member

    emptyTV, said Kurt Cobain...

    I'm afraid of foolish people...
    They really scare me...
  14. idnam419

    idnam419 Member

    I feel superior to people who waste their lives in front of TV just dying to find out what happens next to charicatures of real people. I also feel superior to people whose main concerns in life have to do with their hair color or what car they drive. Also to people who don't recycle or care what happens to this planet.

    I hate feeling superior to others and I try to squash the feeling whenever it comes. We are all flawed in some way and my thoughts of what is important are equal to what others think are important. So, I feel superior to others, but am uncomfortable with it? I guess that is my answer.
  15. Freekowtski

    Freekowtski Member

    I try to treat people equal to me. But I usually feel inferior, not always...
  16. Me the V

    Me the V Member

    i would have to say a bit inferior. but i do have those people that i feel a bit superior too. but i am trying to look a people more of a equal.

    but i definatly connected to what you said.
  17. ssreetnulov

    ssreetnulov Member

    Probably not. I think you're a hypochondriac though.
  18. knotdirty

    knotdirty Over the Rainbow

    I'm inferior who feels the need to be superior...

    I guess I figure I'm behind on the game, and I need to catch the hell up...and then some...
  19. knotdirty

    knotdirty Over the Rainbow

    Oooo, wait, I'ma change my answer to that one.

    And add:

    People who wear big chains on their pants. People with baggy pants that show more boxer than I really wanna see. People who are "emo." Preppy girls and boys who get piercings and tats thinking it gives them "edge."

    I use a lot of quotes. I promise I don't do air quotes though...I'm superior to those types.

    I'm superior to people who think they're superior.
    Go ahead and feel superior to me...

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