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  1. paulfreespirit

    paulfreespirit Senior Member

    1= read the first post . the song mentioned is brightest star . now if you think that is his new stuff " your the dumb one " you brought up his new stuff . if you think carlos cannot play the guitar as good now as he did then "well man you are one dumb fool to think that". 2 = joker? yeah right "remember now" you also think its funny for people to suffer from depression. 3 = so you can listen to 3 songs once (which might say add up to 15 minutes ) then 5 minutes to make your mind up wether you think they are worthy "yeah right" i smell bullshit .
  2. paulfreespirit

    paulfreespirit Senior Member

    soulrebel51 (quote) i will be better than carlos santana . dream on rebel " could be as good just maybe? better no way you have got your head so far up your own arse ......that you spout so much shit.
  3. soulrebel51

    soulrebel51 i's a folkie.

    dhs brought up his new music.
    I'd like for you to point out when I said that.
    I obviously never said that either. I'm not a dumbass.
    What the hell do you think the reviewers over at do, and every other place that reviews albums? Idiot. Go back to school.. you're older than me, but you obviously have the mind capacity of a 12 year old. ;)
    It would be rather pointless if my goal was to be a lesser musician than somebody else.

    Ah, jealousy... :rolleyes:
  4. SoundStepper

    SoundStepper Member

    Santana is a great band, the ryhthm of the whole band just kicks my ass, and they sound tight, but then you add Carlos to the mix, and its just incrediable, Carlos just plays the guitar so well.
  5. paulfreespirit

    paulfreespirit Senior Member

    man you are a fucken big joke . why would it be pointless to be a lesser mu7sician than carlos?. would"nt you be proud to be as good as him?. i think many people would be proud to play to his level" but no" soulrebel51 has got to be better than everyone else . ah jealousy " man you said it .( Quote ) mind capacity of a 12 year old :D thanks i will take that as a compliment "as growing old " does not appeal to me .better than carlos :D have you every thought of becoming a comedian?(probally not) you need a sense of humour for that . your probally bitter coz your going through pubity.never mind you jumped up little shit.
  6. soulrebel51

    soulrebel51 i's a folkie.

    No. My goal is to be the greatest guitarist ever....... damn George though, I don't know if I'll ever catch him. :D
    Why yes, that's the plan.
    You're welcome. :H
    I have not.
    lmfao.. I'm not bitter. :D I can't help it if you're the one standing up for music that you've never heard. What a stupid thing to do.
  7. Why u tell so many stupid things about the stones ?!!!

    The Stones are pure Magic ...yeah man pure less until "Goats' Head Soup" (1973)

    Then to much money and the Heroin for Keith will affect their records...but it still good records until "Tatoo U" (1981) (Even if "Some Girls" 1978 is especially good)

    After 1981 ...their are just a good band ... that's all more revolutionary ok....
    it's normal when you've got 60 years old
  8. soulrebel51

    soulrebel51 i's a folkie.

    I love The Stones... that doesn't mean that I have to like everything they've ever released. Black and Blue, Emotional Rescue, Tattoo You, Undercover, Dirty Work, etc etc... crap. :)

    Some Girls is my favorite Stones album. [​IMG]
  9. paulfreespirit

    paulfreespirit Senior Member

    for the last time thick shit" the thread starter was santana -brightest star . for you to suggest that carlos cannot play a guitar as good now as he has done in the past" is a statement that is stupid and ignorant. repeat i am talking about carlos (individually) playing a guitar. not with any other group of people .......comprehendo , .......i am done with you yer a fucken geek man.
  10. soulrebel51

    soulrebel51 i's a folkie.

    You fucking moron. I never once suggested this, dumbass. Learn to read.

    ... and while you're learning to read, learn how to type in proper English. ;)
  11. paulfreespirit

    paulfreespirit Senior Member

    haaahaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaa i am english you fucken nerd. tell me what your theory of proper english is smart arse . yes we say arse and not ass "so " all of a sudden you claim to know the english language. fucked up on that one did"nt you .guess your a little fucken mummy"s boy .you have so much too learn you arrogant prick. soulrebel what have you ever rebelled against ?. should change your name to mr.bullshitter........coz you have well been sussed . one day your going to come a cropper with that attitude of yours.

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