Sanjay Gupta Endorses Medical Marijuana, Terribly & Systematically Misled

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    Dr. Sanjay Gupta has added his voice to the ever-growing call for marijuana as medicine. CNN’s Emmy award-winning...

    Sanjay Gupta Endorses Medical Marijuana
    "We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States, and I apologize for my own role in that," Gupta, who penned an article for Time in 2009 titled "Why I Would Vote No on Pot," writes for "I didn't look hard enough, until now. I didn't look far enough. ... I was too dismissive of the loud chorus of legitimate patients whose symptoms improved on cannabis.

    Sanjay Gupta Backs Medical Marijuana, Apologizes
    "Long before I began this project, I had steadily reviewed the scientific literature on medical marijuana from the United States and thought it was fairly unimpressive," wrote Gupta. "Well, I am here to apologize."

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta: I Was Wrong
    A recent survey in the New England Journal of Medicine also indicated support for medical marijuana. When told about a hypothetical case of a 68-year-old woman with breast cancer that had spread to her lungs, chest and spine, 76 percent of doctors surveyed said they would favor the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

    Sanjay Gupta: I'm Sorry, I Was Wrong about Medical Marijuana
    "We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States, and I apologize for my own role in that," said Gupta.

    Terribly & Systematically Misled about Marijuana
    He pointed out tolerance is a real problem in existing medications: People are likely to overdose from a prescription drug every 19 minutes, but he couldn't come across one case of a marijuana overdose.

    Sanjay Gupta Apologizes For 'Misleading' Public About Weed (VIDEO)
    Gupta says he was too dismissive of the "loud chorus" of legitimate patients whose symptoms improved with help from medical marijuana. He now says, "I mistakenly believed the Drug Enforcement Agency listed marijuana as a schedule 1 substance [a category of dangerous drugs] because of sound scientific proof."

    "They didn't have the science to support that claim, and I now know that when it comes to marijuana neither of those things are true," wrote Gupta, citing patient cases including a 3-year-old whose seizures were dramatically reduced from 300 a week to three a month with medical marijuana's help.

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta (L) and documentary subject Paige Figis attend the 'Weed: Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports' screening at Time Warner Center on August 6, 2013 in New York City. / Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Time Warner

    Using Pot To Save Brains!
    An Israeli researchers, finding that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, may arrest some forms of brain damage in mice.

    Drugwar Lies Linked to Schizophrenia
    Mention a causal link between pot smoke and paranoid thoughts, and you may elicit a knowing chuckle from Santa Cruz's recreational drug users. But bring up a recent flurry of studies that link marijuana use to schizophrenia, and the buzz wears off quickly. "There's a lot of bamboozling going on here," says Valerie Corral, founder of the Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana. Corral has a decidedly nonrecreational approach to both the drug and the political issues surrounding it.

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    ☮ MJ Research Cut as Support Grows
    ☮ Bush Barthwell & Drugs"]Doctor Sanjay Gupta Publicly Apologizes For Being SO WRONG About Medical Marijuana - YouTube

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