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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Gregonzo, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Gregonzo

    Gregonzo Member

    I wrote this a few months ago and renamed it...Cheers,

    There is a bright white star
    It seems so near that I could reach it
    And if i did what would it teach me
    What I really want to know
    Am I prepared to let go

    There is a figure in my dream
    It seems so real I want to be it
    I'll watch it dance in green and gold
    Then I'll catch it when it slows

    There is an ocean in her mind
    It seems so deep and dark I'll find It
    I'll sink till wonderful shadows grow
    And bask in its basin of turqouise glow

    There is a girl in my heart
    Her love so sweet that I can taste it
    I'll close my eyes so not to waste it
    receiving all that she will show
    The star her secret,
    The ocean her soul,
  2. EternalHunter

    EternalHunter Member

    "I'll watch it dance in green and gold
    Then I'll catch it when it slows"

    Your words could almost be a song. :)
  3. sylvanlightning

    sylvanlightning Prismatic Essence

    The star her secret,
    The ocean her soul,

    Oh, how beautiful.
  4. Gregonzo

    Gregonzo Member

    thank you.
  5. tommyboy487

    tommyboy487 Member

    beautiful colours
  6. Gregonzo

    Gregonzo Member

    well, I have an assortment of finnished musical works that are w/ out lyrics.

    So I may weave this poem into something.

  7. monarch

    monarch Member

    mm yes, its simple, but nice =)
  8. Gregonzo

    Gregonzo Member

    Sometimes the most effective art is Simple in content.

    thank you
  9. mariecstasy

    mariecstasy Enchanted

    i loved the whole last stanza...
    very pure
  10. Gregonzo

    Gregonzo Member

    I thought that would tye the last stanza up


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