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Discussion in 'Texas' started by GoingHome, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. GoingHome

    GoingHome Further Within

    hello all you San Anto' freaks, street urchins, and hippie mamas!!!
    Tell me First Friday isn't the only scene in town!
    Please, tell me I've missed something! Some mad gathering of goofy wackiness!
    I've lived here 28 years (on and off) and am feeling a bit stale and
    lonely trapped in these four walls, or in my car travelling the endless 410 loop! Write something, lets talk about how great SA could be!!
  2. SAtoker

    SAtoker Member

    sup, im an SA toker (hence the name) lived here 4 years in nacadoches. Cool city, but your right about the absense of good locations, i havent even heard of First Friday, where is that and what. btw, do u know of any good headshops in SA?
  3. bbbecca

    bbbecca Member

    this is my 4th year living in sa...not an exciting town at all. first friday is a little 'festival' thing downtown in the king williams district and its the frist friday of every month. i went about three times and then realized that its just not fun. it tries a bit too hard to be 'artsy and ecclectic.' the only headshop i know of is planet k...theres one on austin highway and one on broadway behind jack in the box. havent been in either though so i dunno how good they are. i dont know what good stuff there is to do here...its all pretty boring!;)
  4. dricas24

    dricas24 Member

    Yeah what she said, about San Antonio I have been a couple of times. I recommend Austin if you are considering Texas as a home.
  5. THC420

    THC420 Member

    im from s.a. go to shows or something fuck
  6. onemanparade

    onemanparade Member

    what shows? everyone worth seeing plays in Austin.
  7. onemanparade

    onemanparade Member

    boo hoo

    what babies we sound like.
    or maybe just me with that last statement.
    Anyways, yeah First friday may be a bit precousious (sp?) but's better than sitting in front of this fucki*g computer all month!

    Plus, there are different 'scenes' in the physical address of Blue star...there's the silos..then there's the jump Start crowd and the Blue Star Bar scene...etc etc.

    It's one of those things where things get more detailed the more you look into them. you know? If you walk into a room you just notice the obvious because you're new to it all. After a few visits you start to notice the sublties.(sp)
    ...just saying 'it's not fun' because people were trying too hard...I'm not even really sure what that last meant...but anyways,you only saw it a few times and ''make your own space" blah...

    What else,
    what about the Davenport?
    Anyone been there?
  8. LTD

    LTD Member

    San Antonio can be cool if you are single I guess,try the alternative clubs and bars downtown,they are fun to hang out at,the Bonham has lots of drink specials and they don't water down the drinks,and no it's not just for gays there is a good mix of people in there and it's a great place to socialize. But arrive early or the line gets really long.
  9. 420SA

    420SA Member

    Hey come hang out on the river...TOOBIN Rocks with a 12pack and a fatty.
    And lots and lots of half naked single people...what could be better,
    now that we finally have water once again.

    The best place to get your smoking accessories is Texxxas Nights on the
    corner of Wurzbach and Evers Rd.
    They have better prices than Planet K plus they have other cool stuff, but no incense.[​IMG]
  10. gjg

    gjg Member

    if you wanna get laid in sayto9wn by anything other than sheep, ya better take a trip 90 miles uo I10 to Austin. Theres real women there, not baaaaaah baaaahs.(Guy from hill cnttry who wasted his time on San Antonio redneck cowgirls and enchilada mamas)
  11. Fornicope

    Fornicope Member

    There are things to do here...

    For example there is Sam's Burger Joint which always has things going. I go there on Tuesday nights to attend and participate in Puro Slam, one of the largest open mic slams in the nation.

    The White Rabbit is ok if you can stand that horrid music, or like me have a fatal attraction to those sexy emo girls.

    Then there is Second Saturday which is more underground but still very existent...mostly for the artists tho.

    Atomix is so so...The bartender is cool.

    I host my own poetry reading at Guadalupe Coffee Shop.

    And I resent the statement about there being no one worth sleeping with in this town. <3 the Mexican emo girls lol
  12. tacowango

    tacowango Member

    alright-i'm from SAN ANTO- its all about family and friends-if U don't have family or a group of friends to party-then ur better off dead or at home jacking off in front of the mirror with baby oil all over ur body- any where u go-u gotta have friends to party-u can't expect to have a good time on earth with a budy or two- they might think u gay-u gotta have girl with ur pack- every event sux in san antone- U have to make a party out of nothing- either that or ur just boring yourself
  13. zilla939

    zilla939 Thought Police Lifetime Supporter

    hey so i'm from san antonio, born and raised, and i moved to austin.

    i have never made a better decision in all my days.

    it was great till the majority of my friends moved out... then my boyfriend and i got pretty lonely.

    but from what i've heard, lately discovery zone is the place to be....
  14. San Antonio here...
  15. Ranger

    Ranger Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    and then went to city one semester and by then I had found an old victorian near campus and a bunch of us hill country boys from north of 410 which was nearly brand new had us a party house! Our drug of choice in those days was alcohol and thats where the extra $s went not for silly things like'hair cuts'. When they raided the Evergreen House arresting thirty folks for "vagracy in a private household"(a three day charge)! The next day the headlines read "Hippies Discovered ln San Antonio!". The house was in my name so they couldn't take me from my own house on a vag charge. However every time I stepped out of the house I had a police escort. lol

    Hello San Francisco! Had to go find out what a 'hippie' was.

    In San Antonio my hang out was the Mustang Drive In, a Bandito hang out in those days. After we were officially named 'hippies' the Der Weinersnitzel on Evergreen decided we were a tourist attraction and fed us for free if we sat at the outside tables.
  16. San Antonio here...
  17. kwb1986

    kwb1986 Guest

    Hey, I'm from San Antonio too. Anyone else from S.A. who's active on this site lately?
  18. amber j

    amber j Guest

    spamming the texas threads but i just moved out here and i travel around texas a lot regularly and im interested in meeting people! pm me if anyone wants to chat!

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