Samsung Psychic TV

Discussion in 'Computers and The Internet' started by wooleeheron, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. wooleeheron

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    Samsung is building software to control your TV with your brain

    Samsung is not famous for doing anything remotely like this and the article even mentions there are countless companies already dedicated to this sort of thing, with the implication being that Samsung is interested in how exploring how cheaply this can be done. Headsets provide another major application for this kind of technology, and the continuing progress with EEG technology in general. Already physicists have discovered ways of using quantum mechanics to make a simple headset much more sensitive to electromagnetic fields so you don't require all those leads. However, exactly how practical such technology is for everyday use remains to be seen.

    Companies like Samsung are not the ones to explore such cutting edge technology, and this research could simply be their attempt to at least see what possibilities the technology holds for consumer products in the future, so they can exploit it when it becomes available. Cheap is good whether you are handicapped or not.
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    All I know of Psychic TV is they were a very bad industrial rock band
  3. wooleeheron

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    Theoretically, it might even be possible to stimulate someone's brain from a distance, without their knowledge. Samsung's TVs could become every advertiser's dream, making the idiots watching the boob tube salivate like Pavlov's dogs.
  4. relaxxx

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    I can picture myself having a nap on the couch and the TV turning itself on just to show me a bunch of commercials. Ads specially selected for me, by software algorithms that spy on me all day through my devices.

    But who controls the TV when the husband and wife are in the room together? Or who does the TV decide to control, is the more accurate question. Probably the wife, the TV's going to target who ever does the shopping, obviously.

  5. It's called Bluetooth
  6. wooleeheron

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    The television will favor whoever pays the bill for the internet.

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