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  1. I have 30mg of pure salvornin-a that i purchased from a chemist friend of mine. i read that the dosage was only like 1mg. is this true? if i smoke 1mg of salvornin-a will it set me off or is it really gonna take more? also is it better orally? I know with salvia that supposedly its more efficent to smoke, but from reading up i saw from atleast one source that the active oral dose was about 750 micrograms but to smoke salvornin a its 1-1.5 mg.
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    Do you have extract or pure leaf?
    Effects of Salvia vary from user to user. Some experience a reverse tolerance and others do not. I would strongly suggest getting a sitter who has experience with salvia should you wish to experiment. You may trip and you may not.
    For me personally, I smoke two bongloads of pure leaf and have had intense spiritual psychadelic experiences. This is not something I use to get "high" and not something I use often.
    Make sure you are in a good space, mentally before using this plant.
    Just my two cents. I hope your experience with Salvia is beautiful and rewarding.
  3. hmm... unless you are some researcher science type person, or a serious hardcore commited explorer with plenty of salvia experience.. then you really dont have any buissness handling pure salvinorin. unless you have equipment that measures accurately in tenth of a milligram increments, than measuring out doses is very tricky and you can easily overshoot and may not be very prepared for the overdose reaction.

    this is serious. unless you're sure that you know what you are doing id advise you to stick with leaves and extracts.
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    a normal dose of salvinorin a is a few hundred micrograms. you could put the stuff onto blotter paper like you do with acid. thats probably your best bet.
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    actually a few hundred on a blotter won't do it.

    oral or sublingual requires something like 4000-10000 mics to get good effects
    I have done it with DMSO, with alcohol and with paper, and oral is not that great except for fresh leaves. really quite wasteful.

    smoked 1000 mics might be too strong - it is for me.
    somewhere between 500 and 800 mics smoked is good.

    but it is very very hard to smoke it straight, so you should put it on something that burns like leaf ( in which case you may have re-invented 10X )
  6. madboy139

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    how did you come upon dimethoxy sulfoxide?
  7. redgreenvines

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    in the united states you can still order DMSO from dr. jacobs (google DMSO) - the most concentrated is the 70% dmso linament. I think it's great for sore muscles (stings a lot on the skin but after the skin sting the muscles and joints affected are much relieved.) but for tincture it stings much less than alcohol.
    afterwards, my wife thinks I smell like scallops (she is allergic to them) so I stopped using dmso tinc., favouring a mild fresh leaf chew or a powerful puff of 10x.

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