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Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by 4_Leaf_Clover, May 10, 2004.

  1. 4_Leaf_Clover

    4_Leaf_Clover I Love

    i'm just going to share my recent experience with Salvia.
    hopefully some other people also have stories to tell.....

    last night, before i went to bed, i packed a little bit of 10x into a pipe.
    i turned off all the lights, and put on (what i thought was) some soothing music.
    i took a big enough hit that i had trouble holding it all in, and then i laid down.

    at first, i felt the initial rush... a vaguely "high" feeling.
    maybe 30 seconds later i was seeing visual patterns in my mind.
    then for the next couple of minutes i was not rightly in my body.

    i saw (felt/sensed/was aware of) two female entities, one on my left side and another on my right side. i had the impression that they were young, and seeking or trying to do something. they seemed to be reporting to a father-figure of some kind that i could not see. for a little while, i felt like i was being pulled apart by the two entities.
    then i started to conceptualize what was happening, and the figures slowly faded away.

    about that time, i noticed the music, which had gone from a mellow droning,
    to a series of rather annoying tones that immediately set me on edge.
    i suddenly (with insane conviction) got up and shut off the music.
    at that moment, i almost picked up my stereo and threw it out the window.
    that is how much i wanted to stop those unpleasant sounds.

    but instead, i found something better to listen to and then tried to relax.
    i just laid in bed, feeling the sensitizing effects (touch, hearing, etc.)
    and eventually i fell asleep.

    then today, for the entire day, i've felt abolutely great.
    my mood is *UP* in a contented sort of way.
    things come more naturally, and everything just seems to make sense.

    but i've experienced this before. Salvia gives me an after-effect like that,
    usually for about a day afterwards. good things :)

    if you have some Salvia experiences, please share them!
    i'd like to know how this plant affects other people.
    spread the knowledge around!

  2. bokonon

    bokonon Senior Member

    I've only tried it the once, probably about year ago. I'd been at a party and had drank a fair bit and smoked I don't know how much hashish and skunk. Anyway I ended up sitting next to this guy who was raving about salvia and was happy to let me try some.

    He made a pipe and told me how I should take it. After that I wasn't really feeling anything so he made me another. And then another! But I was still feeling the same. At this point he gave up on me and went to seek out someone who would find it as marvellous as he did.

    Couldn't of been 30 minutes later I went off to the loo and was fine until I set foot in there.

    The bathroom was some huge ice kingdom and for some reason it was filled with people. In the centre was party host and ice god, he had on a massive frozen water suit and sat on the largest throne I'd ever seen. I asked this god if I could use his toilet and he said go right ahead. But I couldn't get my pants undone properly because I had shafts of ice sprouting out of my legs. I didn't want to break them for fear the ice god would be furious. I stood at the toilet, didn't pee, and left.

    Downstairs all was normal again. I didn't feel sick or anything, just kinda confused at what had just gone on. It wasn't until the next day I remembered all the details.
  3. ForestNymphe

    ForestNymphe Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Interesting trips. Thanks for sharing. I also enjoy the salvia afterglow.
    I had posted a trip report last week or so before the site changed. I will have to dig it up.
    It's funny how so many experience similiar qualities in visions, like gods and goddesses and yet the salvia space is so truly unique.
    I look forward to reading other's experiences here.
  4. Incubus

    Incubus Banned

    I bought a half ounce of salvia once... I smoked the whole half in one sitting via my humungus bong bowl... What happened I will never forget, I feel backwards onto my bed and stared at my celing and saw Maries face and jses, both faces were rainbow swirled and then i came to the mirror in my room and i saw myself as the devil, jesus and mary were condeming me in their prayers sitting cross legged on my bed and i dropped to my knees and cried uncontrollably, sobbing and i think this only went on for about 1min but it felt like an eternity of damnnation and misery, i got up and went to my bed and tried to sleep but i kept seeing jesus's face when i closed my eyes till i eventually fell asleep... the next day i felt extremely rejuvinated which was the only posotive outcome of the salvia
  5. ive seen 2 female prescences before too, one i know was the sheperdhess,she was similar to other stories ive seen in describing her, plantlike/humanlike-a green tint to flesh and vines surrounding her, the other female was standing in front of her -the feeling i recieved from salvia that she was very stern and loving but definately wants respect,she was talking to other prescence that had calm,gentle feeling and she resembled a normal person,while i cant remember what they were conversating about because i was in shock they were standing right in front of me after the journey and trying to understand the 2 females instead of one i noticed i had been doing some other herb before and it was sitting beside my pipe of salv so the conclusion i came up with was that i was able to see the spirit from the other plant using salvia--an mj spirit--has anyone else noticed while using other herb with salvia?
  6. gEo_tehaD_returns

    gEo_tehaD_returns Senior Member

    My first meeting with Salvia (two days ago) left me frightened and confused. A friend who had a bag of 10x called me up and told me to come over. Once there, we walked into the woods and he gave me a coke can with some holes in it, and the extract resting on top. I did not want to stand during the experience, so I sat on a thin log. This was an uncomfortable position. Mosquitos were thick, and I was afraid this bad setting might result in a bad tip. Used to smoking weed in the woods, I said "fuck it" and took a large hit. I started to feel it coming on. I was blasted by a powerful feeling, as though I had taken 10 hits of weed compressed into one. I made my friend take the can so I wouldn't drop it. He said "Thats it? You've gotta have more than that, you let the smoke out too quickly, it's not gonna do anything." I told him to eat shit as I crossed into a different world.

    I had never done any type of mind altering drug before this point besides marijuana (a lot of it). This was the first time I had ever felt such terror. After the "coming up" feeling, I remember nothing for a certain amount of time (I don't know how long, my mind was not concious and therefore couldn't measure the time). When I first began to think again, it was as though I was returning. I was a part of some strange sculpture in this universe, where mine was the only living soul. A branch from a tree was piercing my throat and holding my jaw open. My first thought was "Oh please not again". It was not in words, but in emotion. It was like I had been through this before, and wanted it to stop more than anything. I told myself "I'm never doing this again".

    At one point, I moved my head and was jerked mostly back into reality. I suddenly remembered that my friend was there, and I believed I was in the woods, but I wasn't sure.
    "We're in the woods, aren't we?!" i said
    I knew what was going on now, but I was still very much impaired. I had to breathe in a certain pattern, I felt, because if I didn't I wouldn't be able to breathe at all. When I spoke, I had to pronounce each syllable to a beat, or what I wanted to say wouldn't come out. I attempted to describe what I was feeling to my friend, but by the end of the sentence I realized I was talking about something completely unrelated to the original subject, so I gave up on communication. My friend started walking away and told me it was time to go.
    "Fuck man, I can't walk right now." I forced myself to get up and walk unsteadily after him. Shortly after, he stopped and turned to face me."
    "Bye Mike"
    I knew, even in my state of confusion, that he was fucking with me, so I walked in circles while I waited for him to come back. A couple minutes later, I heard him shout. I walked as fast as I could toward him, and heard him say that he had stepped on a nail. I believed that he was seriously hurt, and taht he needed medical attention, but I was in no condition to call an ambulance.

    I followed my friend as he hopped on one foot out of the woods. At this point I just felt very stoned. We looked at his foot, and I was relieved to see that there was very little blood. Once back at his house, I felt mostly sober. I knew the salvia was still affecting me though when I lost my friend, and couldn't follow his voice. I would ask where he was, and he would say "I'm right here!". I could hear him perfectly, yet I could not tell where the sound came from. Fortunately, I eventually found him, and he put on some music for me. I relaxed, looked at a book with pictures of sculptures, and contradicting the Mike of 20 minutes ago, said

    "I can't wait to do that again!"
  7. gEo_tehaD_returns

    gEo_tehaD_returns Senior Member

    I forgot to mention that i was laughing hysterically during the entire horrifying experience.

    What level do you think this trip would be considered?
  8. redgreenvines

    redgreenvines Member

    level 5 - immaterial
    intermittent to sustained loss of connection with the body and this world
    also the difficult breathing complex is part of the immaterial state.
    some might think level 6 - amnesia (I don't)
    since you forget some stuff, but I think the stuff forgotten is just unfamiliar and not easy to remember as it was.
  9. white ginger

    white ginger Senior Member

    hey Geo TehaD
    Maybe next time (if) you try salvia it would have a better effect on you (wrong wording, I know), if you aren't with Mike. It doesn't sound like you have a very good relationship with him, and if he fucks with you postSalvia, it takes your attention away from important things...
  10. gEo_tehaD_returns

    gEo_tehaD_returns Senior Member

    I am Mike by the way. My friend is just. . .my friend. I don't think he was the problem. I believe the setting was responsible. I was sitting in an uncomfortable position the whole time, and my friend didn't actaully say a word to me until I actually remembered where I was.
  11. BlackBillBlake

    BlackBillBlake resigned HipForums Supporter

    I'd like to share this experience of mine. I had tried smoking salvia leaf in a chillum, and I'd experienced only a very mild but pleasant effect. Someone told me to try doing a bucket (for the uninitiated - take a bucket of water, a plastic coke or similar bottle 2L size, fill the bowl with leaf and fit to the neck of the bottle, which is immersed in the water. Apply light to the bowl whilst drawing it up, almost out of the water. The bottle is now filled with smoke. Quickly remove the bowl and deeeeply inhale the smoke. Repeat rapidly if necessary).

    The result of this was staggering! In about ten seconds I felt an absolutely irresistible wave hit me. I half fell half lay back on the bed in an intense rush of both terror and complete hilarity at the same time. I was propelled out of the body, I was consciouss simultaneously of many different aspects and phases of reality, episodes of time seemed to flash before my consciousness in a split second. There was a femminine spiritual prescence of the Divine Mother in some kind of active, cosmic aspect or form. Ifelt my head had opened up quite literally, and a huge ball of light was descending; it was framed on either side by hands that were rooted in the Earth, or in a more subtle substance that perhaps subtends physical matter. There was a sense of being outside of the normal flow of time. This was quite extraordinary, and profound, and unlike any other experience I've had over twenty-five years of experiment with various agents. Then almost as quickly I was back in time and in the body. I am told that it lasted about five minutes, but my own sense of it was that both an immense amount of time and no time at all had elapsed.
    For the rest of the day I felt good - and I had an Intense feeling of deja vu - it was as though I was living out what I'd already experienced on the salvia. I began to see intuitively why it is called 'diviner's sage'. Perhaps with time one could learn to see the future.....perhaps. Certainly it seemed to give some acess to an eternal world of light.
    My reaction has not been to rush into repeating the experience. But in due course I'll probably try it again. My worry is that the pshycic shock might prove too much for some people, especailly those inexperienced with other drugs like LSD or mushrooms - but I've not come across any evidence of this.
    Overall, an extremely interesting thing, to be approached with respect.
  12. redgreenvines

    redgreenvines Member

    great report.
    many have had simmilar.
    I think the multiplicity of hands, viewpoints, seeing through insect eyes, sense of out of time dimensionality is very interesting and simmilar to thoughts repeating and hearing music cycle.

    pretty sure the feminine presence is mama, or surrogate emerging from our childhood.
  13. gEo_tehaD_returns

    gEo_tehaD_returns Senior Member

    I've used Salvia a few more times now, and every time the experience seemed to center around my neck. There is always something intersecting my neck, and any part of my body below that point no longer matters or exists.
  14. redgreenvines

    redgreenvines Member

    I was quite concerned about this but Last night, before I read your post, I went into a universe in which strands of living material like cake icing were suspended, and man heads were formed of the icing material. It was quite silly as this became the fabric of the world.

    I read your post quite early this morning and thought you should practice aikido - or yoga, but probably aikido (to get into the body withyour mind)

    Later this morning I went into a different universe concerned about your neck thing, and in this universe strands of smiling living plastic-metal-laquer finished like motorcycle helmets and teardrop shapes stretched off in all directions – I was free to look in any direction and to check it out (which made my neck feel better), and it then became the fabric of the world.

    (not sure if any of that helped)
  15. gEo_tehaD_returns

    gEo_tehaD_returns Senior Member

    The neck thing doesn't really bother me, I just find it strange that all of my trips are very similar. It's also strange that of all my friends that have tried it, only one claims to hallucinate. I have had very strange experiences - my head was sitting on the bathroom counter in my last trip, and I somehow felt like my entire extended family was watching me do something horrible. I didn't really SEE anything though. I was just too out of it to pay attention to what I saw, and that is how salvia has been every time (well, there was ONE time where my head was sitting on top of a sidewalk which ran along a road we drove on while searching for the local headshop, which we were looking for because I had just turned 18). Even then, it was very abstract, and almost "suggested" that I was there rather than me actually seeing it. I'm pretty sure I'm smoking enough - I still have incredible experiences. I usually lose sight of my surroundings and completely forget where I am, and that I have taken a drug, but I never have any hallucinated images to replace those surroundings, only the most intense feelings I have ever felt.

    I do have some vague memories of images from salvia trips. The only one I really remember now is the bench I was sitting on, which suddenly went through my throat (surprise), and before long wasn't a bench at all. I could just see a white, paper-thin octagon thing that was intersecting my throat.
  16. gEo_tehaD_returns

    gEo_tehaD_returns Senior Member

    Out of curiosity, how much do you normally smoke? I will generally fill a bowl to the brim without packing, just dropping it on top, and smoke the whole bowl in one hit (this is 10x by the way).
  17. redgreenvines

    redgreenvines Member

    I smoke pinches.
    one gram of good 10x will be 40-50 pinches.
    a gram of 10x is around 250 milligrams of salvinorin
    I find I am at level 4 (vivid) with 500-600 mics (0.5-0.6 milligrams)
    the most I am comfortable with is 800 mics - more than that & I
    wander like a sleepwalker.
    never more than one inhallation.
  18. Lew_Cipher

    Lew_Cipher Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I got some dried leaf and tried smoking it. The taste was God-awful and the smoke was way acidic. I couldn't take more than one toke due to the taste.

    Did I do something wrong or do I have bad shit?
  19. BlackBillBlake

    BlackBillBlake resigned HipForums Supporter

    Sounds like you got bad stuff. Usually, the leaf is quite mild and sweet.
  20. Man, I love this drug. Just tried about 1/5th of 5X extract in a gravity bong aka bucket (im a sucker fot that method of smokin). I have had previous experience with the drug salvia so my experience didnt come a shock to me.

    The first time I tried it I sat back and suddenly I was this worker in a mill. I shit myself becuase I wasnt prepared for this and I thought I would be working here for the rest of my life, so I paniced. My experience today was that I went back to the mill, but this time I wasnt worried. I was stood on this platform that was really high. The platform was this plank of purple wood only about a foot wide that was suspended by ropes. Along the sides of this huge hall was rows and rows of what could have bin straw or even salvia (i coudnt tell, the colours kept changing). The platform shook side to side making me and my fellow workers beside me shake jerkily, like wen you stand on one of that conveyer belts on those rides called either the crazy circus or the kings circus. Anyway the workers were mad at me cause I wasnt working, but I didnt care, I was just fascinated by what I was seeing. Then the platform started spinning and going upside down! It felt so real! Then the manager, this tall middle aged pretty women, went up to me. I felt this prescence like i had known her for ages like she was my mother or sumthing. She started talking to me about wen I would come back (take salvia again) and I could only reply soon, soon. It was ammazing. The next 30 minutes I just played with my thoughts and 3d images that I conjered up in my head. Was amazing.

    Any1 had any similar experiences?

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