Salvia and drunkeness

Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by Geneity, May 27, 2007.

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    So Friday night I was drinking, and to my suprise I got pretty drunk. I'd always been interested in how alcohol and Salvia would react with eachother, so I grabbed my bag of 10x NS, and headed out back and sat on a lawn chair in complete darkness. Weather was really nice. Like 75ish.

    I loaded my little ghetto pipe (about a bowl) I made and inhaled as usual. I put the things down on the table in front of me and grabbed hold for the trip that was about to take me.

    The experience, to my extreme dismay, was exactly the same as it usually is for me. Scary and very unsettling. As I sat and the effects got stronger and stronger, I began to relax and try and let the Salvia do what it wanted. I just felt like I was being pulled back, from my face and my feet EXTREMELY hard. I ended up laying completely back in the chair to the point where I almost fell over. It felt like the skin was being ripped off my face without the pain, just the feeling. It was really weird. And the skin from the rest of my body was being ripped downward, into the ground. I just lay there and stared at the stars and started to wait for it to be over. It was horrible. Mentally I was fine but physically I was just so confused as to what was happening.

    I've decided to try it again, but this time laying flat on the ground, completely relaxed, with incense lit and a good song playing softly. I figured this would give me the best chance to settle down when it comes on. I've never really gone in relaxed. It;s always been anxious or worried my mom would find me. That's not the way to enter a trip.

    Just felt I'd share.
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    I know the feeling man. I remember one time when i smoked a 10x in the bathroom. I was so sure that my dad was knocking on the bathroom door and asking to open it up that it nearly ruined the whole trip. Of course nobody was home but the last thing i thought when smoking was about getting caught doing it... it's not good to think like this ;)
    I love to do it in a place where you don't have to worry about all this, or even when someone walks in the room they take it naturally...

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