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Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by hello, May 19, 2004.

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    i'm making this my cover-all post about Salvia Divinorum.

    for starters, it's about the only thing i use anymore,
    and even then, i use it sparingly.

    i had my first experience with Salvia in November of last year.
    over time, i had heard a few things about it, and it piqued my curiosity.
    i found a local headshop that sold it, and i purchased a gram of 10x.

    i will never forget my first hit of Salvia.
    basically... it knocked my socks off ;)
    i took one hit out of a dry bong, and i saw spiraling patterns,
    and then the gravity pulled me to the ground and i was not in my mind
    for a few minutes. i felt an ancient and wise presence...
    then (i've heard this is common) i spent the next 10 minutes
    saying "oh my god..." over and over again.

    i had no way to describe what had just happened other than complete awe.

    since that time, i've occasionally used the 10x, and also tried
    an alcohol-extract-tincture. but the 10x is preferrable.

    i've learned over time what Salvia does to me. i've had beautiful and
    positive experiences. and i've had hellishly negative experiences.
    but the good far outweigh the bad. the only time i've had bad trips on
    Salvia was because i used it with unclear or misguided intention.

    i've found that Salvia works best to solve problems or cure ills.
    for instance, once i was having a really frustrating, stressful day,
    and i came home feeling like shit. then i just thought i'd try some
    Salvia. i asked that all the crazy shit might be put in perspective.
    and then it actually was!! i smoked some 10x, and i was given a vision
    of exactly what was wrong: something inside me that i had been ignoring.

    i believe there is some genuine merit in Salvia Divinorum as an aid to therapy.
    every time that i've used Salvia, there was a residual after-glow that
    permeated my whole mindset, and just brightened my day :)
    the insights which Salvia can give are real and of utmost importance.

    i've used all the major psychedelics...most to the level of abuse.
    but Salvia does not present me with the problems that i've
    experienced with other substances...
    it doesn't make me paranoid and slow like pot.
    it doesn't burn me out and last forever like acid.
    it doesn't make me nauseous and depressed like 'shrooms.

    you get the point. Salvia seems to agree with me for whatever reason.
    i felt that from the first time i used it. about the only drawbacks
    are some short-lasting anxiety and the possibility of being overwhelmed.

    i'd post my variety of experiences in detail, but i'll wrap it up here.
    i keep Salvia around in the off chance that i need a psychedelic.
    i use it perhaps a couple of times a month now.
    i'm learning to function without drugs, but having a legal and sympathetic
    substance around is a nice thing ;)
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    utter sanity

    everything you said is true, has to be, I see it the same way, but more frequently.
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    thats exactly the way i feel,ive done many things in my life but was never prepared for the mind blow i got from it, i would never use anything else as long as i knew i had some salvia,in fact salvia is the reason i stopped using other chemicals(synthetics),she told me if i want to find what im looking for which is connection ,spiritual enlightenment,finding myself then all i need is plants none of the other unnatural things,dont get me wrong ive had some goodtimes with other psychedelics but there was something missing from them and there long trips that i found within salvia and its short mesmorizing journeys with no after effects other thatn trying to understand or explain what just happened--peace

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