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    I'm a sailor with about 4 years of experience. I am absolutely crazy about it - someone said once that sailing is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. I like to have fun with my clothes OFF, so last summer I thought I'd try. This is a 100% real story - no BS or literary exercises.

    We (myself, my girlfriend and my then-boyfriend) rented a Sonar (a large-ish ocean racing boat) from one of the harbour sailing clubs. The area where I live has a substantial inner harbour and an even larger outer harbour, where winds are nice and steady and there's enough space to just point and sail for a while. We left at about 7 AM on a nice, sunny July day. Now, all of us love going barefoot, so we didn't bother bringing any shoes. We boarded and cast off.

    Now, my significant others had become comfortable with the fact that I don't wear clothes unless I positively HAVE to, but they weren't quite as daring as I am about it. Really, I don't consider myself "daring" - being naked is something that I think of as natural and normal. I never wear clothes around the house, and I haven't yet been asked to cover up :) But anyway - when we were about halfway to the outer harbour, I decided to set an example and popped my top off.

    Julia (my girlfriend) helped me with suntan lotion while Mikhail (my then-boyfriend) steered. After some time, I decided to go all the way and slipped out of my shorts too. By then we were far enough from the shore not to attract any unwanted attention from law enforcement, and there were very few boats nearby. I've no doubt that some people saw me, but I didn't hear any objections :)

    After a while, Julia followed my example, and then Mikhail finally decided to take off the last of his clothes. It was very exhilarating - the wind, the sea, the sun on our bare skin. I always sail barefoot (helps me feel the boat better), but in the nude it was as if I felt the boat with my entire body...

    We had a couple drinks and a few snacks, and dropped anchor near one of the smaller islands in the outer harbour. Since we didn't have a dinghy, we just jumped in the water and swam ashore. I dared my companions NOT to bring their bathing suits, and much to my delight, they went along with it. We spent a couple hours exploring the island and just laying in the grass, watching our sailboat bobbing up and down in the tide.

    We sat sail just as the sun was rolling towards the horizon, and came in after dark. Unfortunately, it was too cold to be naked, so we did the next best thing - wore loose t-shirts and nothing else to keep warm until we got back in the car. Driving home, we peeled them off - yeah, we were testing our luck a bit there, but after spending the day in the nude, wearing ANYTHING seemed silly.

    We made a couple more trips like this one throughout the summer. This year, I'm hoping to do a two- or three-day clothes-less sailing trip, provided I can find willing crew. Wish me luck :)
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    Ive done that around the islands in scotland on a hot summers day, it was great, swimming and exploring the rockpools. it was great the place was silent and being naked really made you part of it more :D

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