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Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by Alina_Z, Sep 6, 2013.

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    I'm from Russia. My name is Alina, i'm almost 21 years old. My english is bad yet, but i think if it is enough to understand you, it will be enough for simple conversation and finding new friends) Don't laugh at my mistakes, please, it's rather difficult to write/speak on foreign language and always to worry about what native speakers think about you.
    I want to emigrate from Russia, most likely to Canada, because it is the most easy to get residency there than in any other english-speaking country and there all is okey with gay rigths. So, I mostly would like to find someone in Canada, but will be glade to get know any girls, from all over the world.
    About me: I'm student of university now, will be graduated in January. I haven't relations with girls before, but has been dreamt about it since i was 16...
    I feel myself very lonely and dream to find girlfriend... Someone, who is ready to maintain relationships at the great distance for rather long time before we can meet in real. I realize that it is almost no chance to find right person and start relations in the internet being in different countries, but i'm ready to try.
    I identify myself as femme or lipstick and love girly girls like me. But i'm not glamorous, i don't use makeup, for example... my height is 166cm, weight is 45 kg, brown eyes, long dark hair, asian appearance... Virgo by star sign... and yet virgin))

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