Russia Says It Will Arrest Openly Gay Tourists

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by Wolfman's Brother, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Social Darwinism, money talks. Yes, the truth is that religion does, at times, have a hand in shaping some of the public policy in the United States, but so does business.

    Change, is a process. It is imperative to allow this to play out while remaining resolute. To rush it, especially with the use of misinformation, would be a mistake. Only logic and polite inquiry will provide an opportunity for change to occur.

    It is entirely possible to make moral and ethical decisions without the presence of a [rigid] system of spiritual beliefs. There are other ways of learning about the world--of understanding what is right and wrong--and they differ from culture-to-culture, community-to-community, family-to-family, and person-to-person.

    The United States of America is a humongous cultural melting pot; there are more than three-hundred-million people who live in the United States, but not every single one of them is a Christian.

    As a matter of fact, even within individual sects of the Christian faith, there are divergent beliefs--over matters of interpretation.

    Why, again, did many of the early settlers of the British Colonies elect to migrate to North America?

    P.S. Ultimately, it isn't up to Me how the Constitution is legally interpreted: that's for the courts to decide.
    My only hope is that the Justices choose to side with reason.
  2. skycanvas

    skycanvas Member

    Oh please, —Christians get the blame for every strong moral judgement (because of some self-righteous preachers whom I would also like to slap) when the truth is, orthodox Muslims & Jews have equally strong opinions about homosexuality & reinforce the fact that God put man & woman on Earth to populate it, so for those religions being gay is either a moot issue or forbidden in ancient law which goes back to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah & the story of Lot who was Abraham's Nephew & our culture is steeped in those traditions. They believe God gave us sex so we'd be tricked into having children, & repopulate the Planet as my Dad & millions of other cynics would agree! (Italian Proverb: 100 Oh's & 100,000 Uh-Oh's!) Why else would you want to take up such a lengthy chore?

    Frankly, it freaks them out when society goes in this direction simply because of the historical end of those cultures. You can argue about it but you can't rewrite His-Story. Argue until you are blue in the face about 'some' little social experiment & they will never change except to maybe reinforce tolerance which is also part of their religions; but the mainstream can tolerate stuff & still not think it's right. (and yes i know there are Hindus & buddhists & i've lived in those countries but im not talking about them right now because this space is small 'poor bleeding heart 1-world inclusives' reading this out there...)

    So if Abraham still has the monicker of being 'the father of faith' or the faithful' in those three predominant World religions these traditions run a lot deeper than current feelings about attitudes towards being gay. Just look at the Amish. They could give a crap about the way the 'English' behave, —and they still call us the English, —they are gonna live their way & that's that. Yes, there are liberal Amish, but I'm speaking of the mainstream orthodoxy in those major religions who began & used to populate the Mideast.

    The fiber of those belief systems is not going to die because they will teach it to their many children behind public education's backs & when society goes against their grain they just continue believing the way they do. Then when some act of God destroys the System that tried to go with something else, they'll just laugh & ride off in their horse & buggies.

    But I digress: This is about Russia. My stand is; US— stay the fuck out of what other countries think. We can make suggestions but those are predictable & often wrong & that's why we have so many US haters. (And because words are cheaper than flags & matches to a starving 3rd world mob.)

    "God's not mad at people for being gay, —He's just pissed because they found a loop hole!"
  3. skycanvas

    skycanvas Member

    And even if you adopt some kid is gonna grow up being teased by his school mates wondering why you picked him to justify your weird relationship. :confused:
  4. puggybear

    puggybear stars may twinkle-but I shine!

    Well,since the 1st amoeba flopped it's way onto a beach and thought "Hmm,this looks interesting...." right through the various types/kinds of human [Cro magnon,Neanderthal,Homo Sapiens,etc etc] there has been homosexuality. Now,considering homosexual couples cannot profligate offspring in the 'natural' way.....then just maybe,nature has a use and or a reason for it;ergo nature's decision to let what should otherwise be a self-ending version of human to remain not only stand it's ground,but to remain vehement in it's tenacity.
    Generation after generation,homosexual people are produced by heterosexual couples...and it works.
    I'm not pretending to understand nature's reasoning-just that,if it's ok with nature,it's fine by me.
    [but DON'T ask me to wear chiffon-it's just 'Not Me']
  5. odonII

    odonII O

    Teased by? Teased by people like you?

    I'm just saying it is a factor. You can't force everybody to ignore what they believe. You certainly can't force everybody not to be religious.
  6. skycanvas

    skycanvas Member

    Kids are cruel. I can only imagine the possible results of any social experiment.

    It's like why not to Name your son, 'Percy'.

    You're setting him up for failure & he will grow up to hate you for not picking a name he doesn't get beat up for.

    I speak from experience: My parents named me one of 'those' names

    —Get a clue!

  7. skycanvas

    skycanvas Member

    Why do gay people automatically think their kids are gonna be gay? Unless you intend to molest them. That's when the gays started after me: when I was 11 or 12. The older guys pick out the cute kids. They try to make you gay, too, during puberty when you are totally clueless & sex is a brand new thing. It happened to my brother-in-law too at a young age with a church deacon & he never got over it my sister said. He grew up totally macho. He couldn't stand any gay notions after that experience. It screwed him totally up. He died a couple of years ago but you could always tell it really hurt him.

    But in my case, the guys in the neighborhood are all pulling their pants down & comparing notes at this time because they didn't know any better & there were no girls their ages to have. Like what have we here? Circle jerk or whatever, reading their father's Playboys. But it's just curiosity & these guys grew up straight.

    But then you open your eyes & look at things & go, oh, wait a minute, I totally prefer girls, —chicks are HOT! And when I grew up straight dating cheerleaders & homecoming queens this guy was horrified. Like age 11 or 12 & the guy was 17 or 18! By this time I had blatantly told him that I didn't want to grow up a queer & for people to be laughing at me. So it was a few years later when he came around for one last look & I remember he teased me, saying 'Oh, you are dating girls!?' I just disregarded it because I was totally straight to begin with. I didn't get it even then, I guess, that he was into me.

    Hell, I would never have been gay. My Dad was too macho. No way. But I was young & stupid at first. My brother & sister were older & didn't like him, but we did other normal stuff together that was fun, so we hung out. The groping didn't amount to much but it was tempting & it's like he was grooming me. And I realized this about high school age 14. I'm like, No way in Hell, —stay away from me you sicko! I suppose guys who didn't have a strong father-figure could have bought into it. The older gay guy becomes your father figure. That's fucking weird shit. Most parents would freak out about it. In my case I just brushed it off & never told mine. But I know my Dad would have killed anybody older that messed with me because I saw it. I saw how he reacted. So, they are just trying to corrupt kids, which is not only sick, it's fucking illegal. They want to act like it's so fucking normal nowadays & that everybody is into it. But it's the few. Also the bi thing, I think is just a cover-up. I mean, girls, yeah, but when they get into hating men, that's being a hater period. End of story. And it's typically not two feminine attractive females like in porn, —it's some huge bull on some pretty girl. The ones who aren't attractive to guys are usually tough sisters that go for the girls. But the pretty girls can get guys so they are just playing the dykes. Usually for money & treatment, cause some guy treated them badly. So they act bi for a while for her degree prestige & the money she makes.

    They may follow their friends & slam it back the other way. Gays are a trivial minority. They just talk loud during key rulings like the last Cali Call the Supreme Court couldn't get around. Then every gay person in sports or the media comes out at the same time like to somehow shock the straight people:

    Like: are alll sSSSurrounded!
  8. odonII

    odonII O

    Don't you think that Is kinda childish?

    They don't.

    What can I say, you lived in a very peculiar neighbourhood.

    You can't really take one personal experience and assume it applies to the entire make-up of humanity.
  9. What a novel idea: practicing religion privately.

    Anyway, I'm not very well-versed on Russian culture, so I'm not sure that I can comment on the actual topic of this thread without first doing some research.

    I remember seeing some pictures of violence at past gay pride events in Russia, but that's about the extent of My knowledge pertaining to Russia's prominent modern social values.
  10. skycanvas

    skycanvas Member

    If I've learned one thing so far in life it's that it is not COOL or HIP to jump on the bandwagon of the mainstream media & whatever they are currently hyping.

    I also am definitely not a liberal or even a conservative; I think on my feet & for myself & decide not according to political parties or correctness but determine what is right case by case.

    Some of the people on 'hip forums' can be some of the most HIP-o-critical Assholes in the entire blogosphere because of their absurd liberal toutings which, really, I don't think they even believe or practice. I think for some of you this is just a place to act hip & chew up every post that stands for something. Certain of you are a bunch of non-essential parody monkeys & childish hecklers :biggrinjester: that never assert anything but are only there to destroy threads posted by reasoning, thinking people.

    Why don't you buffoons try the new experience of thinking for yourselves for a change instead of parroting the party line. I get that shit on TV. You're like FOXY TV, the antipathy of the conservatives, the Rush Limbaugh's of Hippydom.

    No 'ism' is always right. Grow up & think for yourself & stop living online & get out more & talk to real people, which might result in generating some positive posts by you yourselves, instead of lurking here with the sole intent of out-of-context misquoting of genuine thinkers by taking verbal potshots at their independent thought.

    They used to call you 'plastic hippies' back in the day! Weekend hippies. I guess you think that the 'ether' grants you invisibility, but your words mark you & your screen names are obviously a mask for your own ignorance of truly original thoughts!

    PS: It's kind of like you are stalkers more than lurkers: You target the screen names of those who think & post independent thoughts & then flood them with retorts straight out of the party line, which is total bullshit, whatever the media is peddling at the time. It's like I'm listening to Hippy TV & you are selling bongs & saliva divinorum during the commercials. You're not hip. You're a little creep :clown: —with a personal agenda.

    If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything

    You can apply that in any way you want to anything you want.

    The majority is usually wrong!

  11. skycanvas

    skycanvas Member

    Vodka boycott in U.S. spreads on concerns over gay rights in Russia

    (More for me! —Ed)

    By Jonathan Kaminsky

    (Reuters) - Gay rights activists in New York City dumped vodka onto the street on Wednesday to protest new laws in Russia targeting homosexuals, as a growing number of gay bar owners across the United States vowed to stop pouring Russian vodka.

    "Boycotts are set for a reason. We're trying to influence change, and maybe change what's happening in Russia," said Chuck Hyde, general manager of Sidetrack, the largest gay bar in Chicago, which stopped carrying Stolichnaya about a week ago.

    The boycott was called last week by gay rights activist and Seattle-based sex advice columnist Dan Savage in response to anti-gay violence and restrictive laws in Russia. Since then, owners of mostly gay bars from San Francisco to New York have vowed to stop serving Stolichnaya and other Russian vodka.

    Gay rights advocates in New York City, carrying signs that read "Russian vodka: infused with hate," gathered outside the Russian consulate on Wednesday protesting Russia's stance on gay issues. They emptied bottles of Russian vodka onto the pavement.. (Cont'd)

    Hey, Leave the vodka alone, 'Queers for Beers' —That's my national drink, too, —I'm a fucking Pollock!

    Hey, Try a couple of these;
    —ain't nothin' like the real thing ~

  12. skycanvas

    skycanvas Member


    I think the real trouble is these guys just can't get any so it's easier to get queer sex. (What's wrong with pussy? You came out of one, I guess that's the last one you tasted —are you afraid of girls? Awe, fragile egos...) Plus Russia doesn't want the shit that is spreading over here to be spread over there.

    The American lawmakers :)sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:) —have lost their fucking balls..​

    —Good for Russia! More righteous than America.
  13. skycanvas

    skycanvas Member



    :party: :party:

    HEY, —MORE FOR US!!!
  14. I am confused skycanvas, what is your stance on homosexuality
  15. odonII

    odonII O

  16. in your country they are called poofs lol
  17. odonII

    odonII O

    In about 1963, yes.
  18. skycanvas

    skycanvas Member


    You know that's crap! At $35 a bottle, they are running back home, filling those bottles from a hose. I drink American Vodka anyway. You can't trust the purity of foreign stuff including olive oil. Italy keeps the good stuff they make & exports seconds —they buy the extra olives from around the Mediterranean; Tunisia, Greece, everywhere & export the oil they make from that.

    I used to get terrible kidney pain minutes after drinking that 'Monopolowa' from Austria, that Vodka imported by some company in LA with the silver label. I thought it was just me. I got it from a State liquor store. I put it away & when I brought it out & took another shot the same horrible pain... It was definitely loaded with Methyl Alcohol.

    I later did it a third time a long time later (same effect) & thought about taking it to get it tested at a lab, but hey...


    —plus who was gonna believe me after it was opened. So I threw it away. Never will drink that shit again.

    As a former wine maker, Fruits kick, usually into ethylene, sometimes right on the vine or tree; nearly always in nature given no help from man; but starches (potatoes) usually go methylene (fruit wine is plagued by unfermentable solids like starches anyway which tend to cloud them too). Methyl alcohol is highly poisonous & you can smell the difference. So Monopolowa skimped & used rotten ingredients & a bunch of people including me must have drank that instead of ethyl alcohol. You never hear about the the people who didn't survive. Monopolowa Muthfuckers. There's a saying among winemakers: Blend 1 gallon of pricked wine to 100 gallons of good wine & you get 101 gallons of pricked wine. (Pricked means vinegary).

    I later heard Monopolowa won some kind of 'BEST' award which just shows you ratings are bullshit & never buy that Monopolowa Brand if you benefit from advice.

    I know this entire post is not about Stoli, but it is about vodka & I drank Stoli too. Aside from the foreign label it is no better than Smirnoff with lots of fixer-upper added. Hell, there are $100 bottles of vodka just because they are fancy shmancy & expensive stuff stimulates a gland in your frontal cerebral cortex that makes you want it when it's just crap dressed up as costly. They did experiments on it. So drink 2 Buck Chuck & definitely no wine over $10 says Francia, the black sheep of the Gallo Family who hates wine snobs. Skyy is good when it's on sale.

    Look, I'm a freaking pollock & homophobic neurotic at times & sometimes I don't care, but leave Russia out of the claim that they represent the entire world vodka market. I split a bottle of Polish Vodka one night in Warsaw (Sounds like a Song) & pure, no hangover, wonderful stuff. So Poland & Eastern Europe also have their Vodka shit together.

    Good rule of the thumb for any inexperienced vodka drinkers out there: The more Russian it sounds, ie.: Popov, Karkov, Sarkov, Backoff or Fuckoff, —always the shittier it is; usually pure rotgut. McCormick & Ralph's Prestige are about the same: Good cheap vodka. I wouldn't drink it all the time, but they are home made & the US doesn't use rotten potatoes like those Austrians did once upon a time. Or I don't know how it got in the batch or the country...
  19. What are they called now?
  20. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Actually, to most people, the freedom to live their lives without fear or harassment is worth way more than $35.

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