Russia Says It Will Arrest Openly Gay Tourists

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by Wolfman's Brother, Jul 12, 2013.

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    I might be wrong, but the US seem VERY religious, and a lot of decisions by voters are based on religion.
    Gosh and God!
    Ofcourse it would be a lot simpler if religion did not play a key part...

    Do you believe in God etc?
  3. I believe in god and I am a christian, but I believe the bible has been misinterpreted. I believe because my grandfather has died 5 times, legally brain dead , no heart beat so it couldn't have been a hillucination, he saw something. So I am convinced there is an afterlife, and that something created it
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    What did he see?
  5. He saw his parents, and someone he didn't recognize. His dad was motioning him to come, and his mother was telling him to go back, because there were people who still needed him on earth
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    I think people that see a clear almost precise image, and actually have a notion of a 'message' probably see what we all have the ability to 'see' when our minds are in trauma. I'm a little suspicious of the afterlife when it is so clear and seems to be based on what is perceived to be true. Last night I thought I was on my way out, but it was a mess, and very scarey. Filled with horror and thoughts I never want to have again. What is true?
  7. How can one hallucinate though...when they are brain dead and heart dead... last time I checked I thought you couldn't hallucinate if you were brain dead and heart dead no heart be no brain life
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    I think if you are revived it's 'for all intents and purposes' which is less than 1% of the time and does not mean you are clinically dead or irretrievable.
    I would be surprised if somebody was declared brain dead they would still be alive. It has been known to happen though.
  9. In My opinion, religion is a private matter and has no business being involved in determining public policy--the US Constitution agrees with My stance.

    I believe in God, sure, but I probably don't view God the same way that most people tend to. To vote and legislate based upon the behalf of an incorporeal entity is, in My opinion, a gesture of the upmost arrogance. Besides, what legal arguments could possibly exist for denying gay couples marriage? There are none. And, I have yet to be presented with any compelling evidence in the way of some kind of socially-based justification for such policies.

    There needs to be more love in this world. Why can't some people just be allowed to live their lives?
  10."]CHEATING DEATH! - YouTube
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    I'm not saying it does. However, here, for e.g, in certai

    Oops, something didn't quite make it...


    A conscience vote or free vote is a type of vote in a legislative body where legislators are allowed to vote according to their own personal conscience rather than according to an official line set down by their political party.

    In the United States, parties exercise comparatively little control over the votes of individual legislators, who are almost always free to vote as they wish. Accordingly, most legislative votes in the United States can be considered free votes, although in rare circumstances a legislator may be disciplined by his or her party for a renegade vote. Such discipline usually occurs only on votes regarding procedural matters on which party unity is expected as a matter of course, rather than substantive matters. For example, Democrat James Traficant was stripped of his seniority and committee assignments in 2001 when he voted for a Republican, Dennis Hastert, to be Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Because free votes are the norm in the United States, the terms "free vote" and "conscience vote" are generally unused and unknown there.

    So religion can indirectly or directly become a factor.
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    I dunno. Religion?
  13. If somebody isn't harming others, then why tell him or her what to do? Isn't religion supposed to be a personal experience?
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    We live in what is described as a democracy where elected officials vote. Some vote one way others vote another. Sometimes YOUR will never happens or takes time. Would you rather live under a dictatorship?
  15. The United States of America is a Democratic Republic.

    Capitalism is a necessary evil, as humans are often times weak, flawed, and limited.
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  17. Destroying the environment is okay, but letting a gay couple marry? Goodness, no!

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    Ok. You mean individual choices? It is very odd. I have no answer for that. People decide based on...well, we have been through that. As long as we have religion and other moral nudges well then 'shit happens'. 'Gay marriage' will eventually's just a matter of time. I kind of prefer where these moral questions are debated and fought for, rather than the will of people like ourselves immediately wins. We are not always right.
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    Putin is a lunatic.
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    If you read History, he's way, way better than every leader Russia's had since 1917. Better for the US & not fighting the 'cold war' anymore. For the ex-head of the KGB or whatever, he totally rocks. I don't think he acts spy-ish anymore.

    Russia is less conservative than China & seems to be steering a middle course between China & the US. Sometimes I seriously doubt the wisdom of my own government, the Divided States of Uh-merica; and, well —don't get me started... So some countries don't want certain things in public. It's none of our freaking business to dictate morality to the World. I hate when they do that, like, 'you must release Morsi!' Fuck that liberal crap —that Brotherhood Dude brought Egypt to the brink of civil war, ruined their economy & people didn't want an Islamic republic under Sharia Law. Women actually get some respect in Egypt unlike most other Muslim countries. Good for them, US assholes mind your own business! They are always trying to be the big Demo-Crazy legislators of 'the way we are'.

    I personally don't care who fucks who behind my back but I don't want to have to explain it to my kids before they are ready to even understand. I think that's why they don't want gays making out in Moscow in public. He didn't say in private!

    I really think he's trying to be a decent guy & let people have a choice between Russia & the US. He's cool about it, too. The US is all in-your-face. Maybe not Obama so much but get some hothead GOP redneck president in there & oops, here comes the fucking cold war again.

    He treated Gérard Depardieu royally after his own France wanted to fuck him with 75% income tax & gave him a Russian passport. He's handled the hot potato Snowden well by not getting involved & letting him live in the airport while he figures his own way out.

    He calls us his American partners. He treats the United States like equals. We're allies now. I'd deal with Putin any day before the Chinese government & the crap they make & the way they treat their people & pollute. I'd drink a bottle of Stoli with Putin any day. At least I wouldn't have to worry about where his hands were!

    Red Bull Flugtag: Gerard Depardieu's head flies over Moscow river
    Competitors don fancy dress and attempt to fly their human-powered, home made flying machines off a platform over the Moskva river with varying degrees of success, for 2013 Red Ball Flugtag in Moscow...

    RUSSIA'S GOTTEN WAY COOLER, —STOP THINKING LIKE YOUR PARENTS! :wheelchair: :wheelchair: :wheelchair: :wheelchair:

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