Russia Says It Will Arrest Openly Gay Tourists

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by Wolfman's Brother, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. They've also only been, I wont say democratic, but non communist for around the same time.

    Its just not that simple, and just doesnt work that way. Yes you would be able to drum up some horrible cases like that one, still doesnt mean percentage wise they are being victimized more so than racial or political groups, then theres sexism.

    For every case like that there are another half dozen cases where guys like that do get sorted out by the big scary boyfriend and his friends. The normal rules of the jungle still apply.

    Still doesnt mean Putin doesnt have gay guys and gals in his party, knows this full well, wont do anything cos some of them put him there and likely can see to his early retirement

    Also doesnt mean a gay guy in russia is more likley to be a victim of homicide than a guy thats a racial minority, non catholic, part of a crime gang or even an ordinary joe that gets into a bar fight at 3am....or a woman

    This law might seem perplexing now, but watch what happens in the long run, pretty much the exact opposite. And the members of Pussy Riot, watch and see where they are in 20 years
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  3. Voyage

    Voyage Noam Sayin"]Creepy 1950's Anti-Homosexual PSA - YouTube
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    Opposition to President Obama's nominee for U.S. ambassador to the Dominican Republic reached a fever pitch this week as religious organizers stage a "Lunes Negro" or Black Monday protest against James "Wally" Brewster. If confirmed, Brewster will be the first openly gay ambassador to the country, a prospect that is not going over well with some segments of this conservative Christian country of 9 million people. Local reports indicate that church leaders are pressuring the government to reject Brewster's nomination and calling on the faithful to dress in black on Monday in solidarity against him.
    The Catholic-dominated Dominican Republic is in an uproar over President Obama’s selection of openly gay James “Wally” Brewster as ambassador, and religious leaders are calling for a national protest, “Black Monday.”
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    way 2 go russia the USA should follow suit!!!
  6. Aerianne

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    Their government has it right, though.
  7. Victoria1987

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    I see bigotry is alive and well, no matter what country we're in.
  8. djomalley

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    This article is so sad... And rly fn bizarre. They're all oh Our friend is gay... Lets punish him by shoving foreign objects up his ass... How gay is that?!

    Now, ironically, ol' dudes are getting plenty of cock up their ass in Russian prison. It just doesn't make sense!!!
  9. pineapple08

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    My be Putin should play around with Prohibition first .
  10. And they also steal Super Bowl rings surrounded by plenty of witnesses and claim they didn't do it.

    And they don't like gays or Pussy Riots it seems. Americans would love to have a Pussy Riot. We've been waiting for that since the late 60's.
  11. I guess my boyfriend and I wont be going to russia anytime soon?

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    I Just Viewed Your Private Album, Loved The Pics...:)

    Cheers Glen.
  13. Thanks so much! =)
    Good vibes your way,
    Peace and blessings-
  14. Manzila

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    Is this true.
  15. cynthy160

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    Putin needs to hire the services of George Zimmerman and Associates, the team with an accomplished record of menacing people who are suspected of being up to no good. "He's wearing a purple shirt. He must be gay. These assholes always get away with it!"
  16. mkay01

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    Awwww ur cute :*
  17. skycanvas

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    I like Putin. Vladamir Vladamirovich is cool. He looks like he could play James Bond.

    He's just trying to provide another version of America to those who think our government stinks without backtracking to the cold war era. I think he's trying to be a fair guy. I think that old guard notion of hating one another's countries is way dead.

    I think it's the Western Media that is pushing the Gay agenda. Hollywood & a few mega-rich sports figures. They all tried to shock us about a month back during the California decision, trying to 'PRETEND WE WERE SURROUNDED' by their stupid MINORITY! Not everyone is liberal (even liberals) in that way. Most people get married (to someone of the opposite sex) & have kids. 'Whose seed is in itself', —you can't have kids coming up your wife's ass! It's a moot proposition.

    I like the way he's addressed the Snowden situation so far. He refers to us as his American partners & will only consider giving the guy asylum if he doesn't bring his problems to his doorstep.

    Shit, in a war with China, we need these guys. Or in a confrontation with North Korea's top weirdo. With Russia on that side & ours we've got those assholes surrounded. Wake up, America...

    I think all he's saying is don't advertise your gay relationship's affection in Russian public. Don't come here as a tourist & flaunt it. Don't insult the majority, OK?

    I think people are gonna sleep with whoever, so why do we have to open up a legal can of worms in making up this oxymoron of 'gay marriage'. It's contradictory. Civil Union or whatever, but it's for the money, taxes, etc.

    I don't care about what people do as long as they don't shove it in my face & my kids' faces is all Putin is saying. I think that's about right.

    You don't have to be a homophobe or a hater to think this way. I think the chief justices & the government are treading on thin ice when they launch out into uncharted waters trying to redefine the mission of mankind on planet Earth & they'd better watch the fuck out.

    It's like GMO's, —who knows what sort of havoc that is gonna reap in nature a generation from now or on what species that eats those GMO plants. They are fucking sterile because Monsanto wants you to buy more seeds every crop. The Money-making Capitalist bastards! Again, —'whose seed is in itself' —!

    BOTH OF THESE ISSUES ARE FUCKING WITH NATURE & nobody knows the outcome. Not Yet: n'yet.

    It's a Pandora's box to government & I'm seriously thinking Putin is a more sane dude on this. He loves Russia. I don't think he even loves communism. I mean the Bolshevik Revolution happened in 1917 but Russia existed for centuries before that. I don't mean the USSR & commies, I mean Russia. Even the US has done better with so-called benevolent dictators like (FDR almost was) & so have other countries.

    It's only when they get some asshole like That Muslim Brotherhood guy, Morsi, they just pulled out of office by his eye teeth in Egypt because he brought them to the brink of civil war. At least the army had more sense than they US statesmen blurting out this shit. God, I hope Hillary never gets in. And that attorney general Eric Holder undermining the castle laws & the court jury system, fuck those people & even Obama is chiming in. What —do you wait around to see if the assailant kills you first?
    I like what MLK's niece said about that so-called artist's rendition of him: My Uncle wouldn't wear a hoodie or baggies. What have you invented that's better Muthafucks? It's been working so far assholes! Then America get's all opinionated, like 'reinstate him!' WTF, our politicians have their heads up their asses including the lame duck president we've got now.

    Do we really want Egypt whom we are subsidizing to be under repressive Sharia Law, a ultrareligious system of vigilante injustice, or any other country for that matter. Even their own people hate that extremist shit. And why give money to fucking Pakistan. They kill school girls who want an education & hid Bin Laden.

    Fuck-Off Us politicians. And gays go fuck each other the way you've been doing for thousands of years & you & the media stop rubbing it in our heterosexual faces.

    I wanna overhear your boyfriend choking on your dick about as much as I like hearing gangster rap blasted from somebody's car at the beach.

    Go fuck yourselves, seriously! :hide: Somewhere we don't have to watch.
  18. This is precisely why I do not like the russian government. I wonder...the US military now allows gay lesbian and bisexual men and women in the military to serve openly, does this mean the russian government would put them in prison?
  19. skycanvas

    skycanvas Member

    As my former pot doc said about the disinformation on the back of labeled pills: Those are just insurance disclaimers —stay away from pills! Issues like that Cali law & Military & denying insurance or tax privileges are a political/financial inroad, but basically it's all about the money equality & who should be forced to pay what. That old lesbo in upstate NY. Fed law is forced to tow the line on discrimination & segregation. That is not the greater moral issue that people concern themselves with. This is about dollars & sense. There is a whole bunch of gays that don't think gays should marry in the traditional, religious sense. They just want the tax deduction.

    Well, there are gays in Russia & in my family too. I think this law is limited to public displays of making out that would upset some & a forewarning to tourists. There are plenty of countries that don't care. I'm sure a lot of Russians don't care. This is just a law, like the adoption law. Russians are somewhat conservative.

    I lived in California for 10 years. But believe me, the Midwest, heartland, center or whatever you want to call it of America is terribly stodgy; Texas recently spoke of succeeding from the Union. (Well, Rick Perry is an idiot).

    But take an honest look, —if you just go outside of liberal SEATTLE, you are in redneck country who shoot guns. I just say: Don't fool yourself into thinking that there is going to be some kind of gay coup of real sentiments in the conservative US. People won't follow the lead of liberal government, actors & high profile hi-i-just-came-out-of-the-closet rich gays. Those are just the liberal coastal cities whose populations are anything-goes. OK, the majority is divided on pot, but about half don't follow the stupid marijuana laws, do they?

    Most people want to get married to the opposite sex & have kids like their parents. The gay population is actually very small. But they are pounding the media for recognition.

    Fuck each other, I really don't care; I don't want to hear about it or see it. It's not my problem. My own problems are with heterosexual relationships that suck. I guess we're all in the soup together.

    But I think Putin draws the line at public displays of affection. Hell, a man & his wife can't even KISS in some Muslim countries.

    Putin is a good man. He's showing that Russia is open & not the big bad commie Kruschev past with those awful suits. Even China is trying to be more open.

    It's like Islamic countries: We expect them to do a backflip & spit nickels for Demo-Crazy overnight, when they are fighting their own religious pharisees & political demons, traditions & whatnot.

    People raised without freedom can't suddenly assume total freedom. Or they just go overboard like preachers' kids or the Tsarnev Brothers. We expect people to reverse thrusters & give the engines 100%, making a total quantum u-turn, when their parents & environment were not that way. They freak out living here & call us Babylon & want to destroy us to prove they have repented.

    Sure you get a few rebels & maybe many more in the US since we were raised by the hippie generation. But, other cultures (Pakistan) exist at different stages of growth. They are still wondering if the Taliban is right or what!?

    PS: Believe me, the current Russia is so much better than the previous Communist Russia ever was. I wouldn't strain at a gnat & alienate them because they are not all ready to party at Mardi Gras. A large percentage of America is not ready to let that loose either. Especially when it comes to moral codes. They're just more conservative than the people who make the media, which includes the Federal government who think that every time they speak it is like God thundering on Mount Sinai to Moses & all the people listen. People basically ignore big brother until he gets in their shit. Believe me, they just don't care about the gay marriage issue. Until it happens. Then you will have people defying the government & a rebellion because the conservative core of Republicans & even Dems will not take it lying down (no pun intended).

    Theo won't admit it is about the gay issue. They will simply stop listening to what the Higher Courts say, as they have, because they will deem the Federal Government 'out-of-touch'. It's in the Constitution & Bill of Rights. If the government no longer represents the majority of the people it is supposed to govern, then it becomes a non-entity.' This is why the hard core Americans won't budge on gun-law. Because the originators of the Constitution & B of R were hip to what England was doing to the Colonists.

    Believe me, there was a much bigger ass fucking going on for the forefathers to have included such stuff as 'the right to bear arms' in their Declaration. What kind of arms? The Feds would have us think we are supposed to bear fucking muskets & have powder horns. That's why they won't bend. They believe that we the people have to have the right & the ability to significantly challenge a corrupt government if it is established.

    Pushing unpopular minority issues does not bode well with the majority of citizens when it is established as federal law. They will look elsewhere for leadership, to say the least.
  20. MattyDigs

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    Eh, some countries evolve slower than others. No point getting bothered about it. Can't change people like that.

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