Discussion in 'Europe' started by shrimpgirl, May 31, 2004.

  1. shrimpgirl

    shrimpgirl Member

    hey :)
    anyone gonna be in Copenhagen for the Roskilde (RocknRoll) Festival?
  2. Flowerian

    Flowerian Senior Member

  3. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    sureeeeee!! I will work there as a volunteer!!!

    haven't you seen my thread about it in the old forum?

    by the way.. Roskilde, not Roskield :) (maybe change the title of the topic in "roskilde festival" people will know what is the thread about :p )

    and also 3 other member from the forum (one from slovenia, one from Ireland and one from California) are coming to work there in the same camp as me! this will be "camp J" (on the festival map it is on the east side, near the east entrance, beside teh staff camp and close to the stages...

    we could organise with all the other hipforumers and make there a little "hipforum community"... it would be super-cool!!


    PS: where are you from?
  4. shrimpgirl

    shrimpgirl Member

    hehe thanx for the spelling... :)

    how did you all become volunteers? and what exactly will you do? (I've met Ana - yesterday - sounds very cool, hopefully i will find this "J camp" :) i'm going with 5 or 6 other friends, i can't wait!

    ps: i'm canadian :)
  5. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    all the roskilde festival is permitted by the work of 18.000 (yep, 18 thousands!) volunteers.. and every year u can apply either on the roskilde festival website (but then u ar enot really sure to be accepted..) or with other organisation.. we are with Sonordica... a music organisation fro the band exchange between scandinavia and france, and the coordinator of Sonordica is the french David, one of my friends here in Roskilde :p

    so we are applying with him and sonordica.. and we will be about 110 in our group.. also with Ana :-D

    if you wanna put your tents in our camp u can.. is not stricly closed to the volunteer group.. I just have to know it in advance, since I am coordinating the camp :p and trying to find a tent disposition in which we can all fit inside, having some "inner common space", and nor letting "external persons" putting their tents in the middle of the camp... so.. setting up the camp is the hardest task at the beginning of the festival.. and we as volunteer have some privileges compared to the normal guests... since we can have our "bracelet" (the pass to enter the gate) the day before the official opening.. so the sunday morning, at 8am, when the gates open and all the flock will run inside through the gates we can avoid the cue and go through another entrance... and start to set up our tents few mins after the opening, while the 99% of the other campers will be still in the cue ;-)
    that's why we are planning already our camp and the tent disposition.. and is much different if we are 40 or 80 tents :p
    so everyone that is interested in camping with us is sending me a mail.. if you and your friends wanna do it to just write to me (if u write me a PM than I send you the private mail adress, which is different from the mail I have in the forum..)
    it'd be nice being all together with the hipforum! :)

    when are you arriving? already the 27th morning? because the only problem could be "keeping the place" for you.. how many tents do u have? 3? but if enter already sunday morning I think we can manage it.. :)

  6. shrimpgirl

    shrimpgirl Member

    that sounds great :)

    i would definetly take you up on your offer, but i'm not the one organising our trip: my friend oliver and his brother live an hour from where the festival will be and have been to Roskilde before, so he will reserve a camping space for all of us maybe on the 27th (we're going to be about 7 or 8 people)
    i'll send him an email about what you've told me, maybe he doesn't know about this, i'll let you know :)

  7. Manolao

    Manolao Member

    fine... I am just organising the camp with the others these days...

    so lemme know if you guys wanna join us!!


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