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    I really was online researching single mother son relationships. No I am not a mother. I am about to marry an only child, who happens to have a single mother. I like my mother-in-law to be.BUT! I feel like shes strange. Oddly attached to her son in more then an loving nurturing way. She stars at my engagement ring. She always wants to try it on. When ever my fiance and I are about to go out she thinks of something to ask him to do to hold up us going. She said she had to try on her shoes for the wedding and stand next to my fiance because she didn't want to be taller then the man shes with! um there are not going to be many times at the wedding that shes just standing next to the groom>? and she does not seem to understand she is not with him. Am I over reacting? I feel like things would be smoother if she had a man. :eek:
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    Hi..welcome to hip...
    she is strange, your time she asks say it wont come off...
    she doesnt want to loose have to be her friend...but dont live with her!
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    Welcome to the syte!!!!
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