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Discussion in 'Activist Polls' started by ohmygod, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Charise

    Charise Naked to the Cosmos

    Well, Ron Paul came in fifth in the Iowa Caucus-he got a little fewer votes than John McCain, and he actually got almost 4 times the votes that Rudy Giuliani did, even though Giuliani raised almost six times as much money as Ron Paul did! Go, Ron Paul, GO!

    And actually, in most Iowa counties, he came in third, and in quite a few he came in second-not really a bad showing, when it gets down to it. And kudos to the New York Times for not going out of their way to ignore him, like a lot of the media is doing. They also have a very interesting layout/profile on him Take a look at the final results on that first link, and especially the county-by-county map. Very interesting.

    And Dennis Kucinich didn't get a single vote, so it doesn't look good for him. Of course, Iowa is mainly a Republican state, but the caucus is still a pretty good measurement of how much support both party's candidates have.
  2. gillphish02

    gillphish02 Member

    On the earmarks, He was elected to represent a district. Why should he not get them some of the money they pay in taxes back. He puts it in there and then votes against it! Whats wrong with that? He votes against people in flood zones being given government money buy he's not going to refuse to give the money to his people. He also doesn't participate in the congresses pension plans and other lucrative things to make up for the small salaries they recive. And he gives part of the budget for travel back to the congress at the end of each year while others go over there budget alotment by flying first class and staying at 4star hotels.

    He never supported a sales tax. That is Huckabees idea to refute Ron Pauls plan. He has a plan to end the income tax completely and replace it with nothing he says. Now this sounds crazy but this man knows more then the Fed chairmans we have had recently.(search for the videos on Youtube where he puts them in there place) All I know is that he wants to end so many of the government programs that it could work. He also said that without our income tax the gov would still be taking in what it was 1996! Anyway he is a studier in Austrian Economics and a VERY smart man.
  3. Charise

    Charise Naked to the Cosmos

    Yea, it was definitley Huckabee who proposed the VAT-type tax; I heard that on NPR today. And what was interesting is that Paul came in either second or third in most Iowa counties-it was just the sheer percentage of votes that Huckabee and a couple of others got in a few counties that bumped him down to fifth place-still not a bad showing at all, in my opinion.
  4. gillphish02

    gillphish02 Member

    Well I must admit I was a little disappointed. But all in all it was a good showing. He even won one county on the map I looked at. Another plus is the fact that New Hampshire, the next state to vote, is quite libertarian and hopefully they will be open minded enough to really give Ron Paul a look. I must say I don't know what people see in Huckabee he talks like he's talking to a bunch of children and is one of the worst about avoiding any of the issues. Ron Paul on the other hand comes across very real and strong on every issue, to me. Even the issues I disagreed with when I first learned of him I have been swayed because of his explanations. for writings and speeches given by Paul to congress
  5. gillphish02

    gillphish02 Member

    The Truth... If you can handle it.

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  6. killuminati

    killuminati Member

    all it takes to make tim laugh is spite.

    that was one of the most biased interviews tim has conducted, and thats saying a lot. almost as bad a sean hannity's. as usual, ron kept his cool.

    if you want a strong impression you should watch an actual interview instead of a blatant attack on views.
  7. Charise

    Charise Naked to the Cosmos

    Well, Ron Paul came in fifth in the New Hampshire primary-the same showing he made in Iowa. He got 7.6% of the vote in New Hampshire. I'm telling you, he needs to get off the Republican ticket now and start running an agressive campaign as an independent if he wants to have any chance of winning.
  8. Baitot

    Baitot Member

    I think a great choice would be Gravel if you actually look at his stances. He is the Liberal Paul. He is for marijuana, abortions, no theology in school, no fences, and wants to empower the people.

    He also wants to end the war on drugs which he compares to the ban on alcohol, get your weed at the store, and for harder drugs go to the doc and get a RX. Why put people in prison for a health problem, drugs are no worse than alcohol.
  9. gillphish02

    gillphish02 Member

    Yeah I would support him too which ever one we can convince the people have a chance. Thats what drives me absolutely nutty! People hate all the candidates and say they love where Paul or Gravel stand yet they won't vote for them because the media tells them that they don't stand a chance. What do you tell these people? Its ludacris
  10. Charise

    Charise Naked to the Cosmos

    Well, I fully intend to vote for Paul, regardless of his chances-but he certainly needs to increase his chances of winning now by jumping the Republican ship, and starting to run an agressive campaign as an independent....
  11. gillphish02

    gillphish02 Member

    Well if he is going to run independent I think it would be wise to wait until after the primaries. Other wise he won't get to be in the debates and what not.
  12. polecat

    polecat Weerd

    he has said he won't go independent because he doesn't want to lose his congress seat. I really hope he does though. The two primaries have shown that he has a large support base(around 10%) and that is a great basis to form a third party.
  13. Charise

    Charise Naked to the Cosmos

    Well, if he's popular enough, I don't know why he would lose his seat if he went indepndent (I happen to live in his district, btw). He might be right-there may be a number of people in this district that are voting for him simply because he's a Republican. I guess he's running for re-election to his congressional seat at the same time that he's running for president., and going indy might wreck his chances of getting re-elected to Congress. It's possible.
  14. gillphish02

    gillphish02 Member

    I have always voted libertarian any way and I feel sure that he will be the libertarian candidate if he fails to get the republican nomination (BTW libertarians have held off naming their candidate I think to leave it open for Paul). But I just don't think anyone gives the third party candidates a fair shake and it is really made unfair by the fact that they are not allowed in the debates. Because the candidates want to continue to avoid any of the real issues.
  15. zenloki

    zenloki Member

    you live in his district? what do you know about him Charise?
  16. Charise

    Charise Naked to the Cosmos

    Well, honestly, I moved to this area a couple of years ago. I didn't realize until a little while back that I actually live in his district-it's because a small sliver of it reaches over into my area.

    I would have to say that he's almost a little too humble-kind of like Jimmy Carter. It's good to be humble, but not too much so. I've never even got one mailing from him the whole time I've lived here. Where I lived before, I was frequently getting mailings form the state reps, congressmen, etc. Ron Paul is the kinda guy tha doesn't really like to toot his own horn, and in politics that can be a bad thing, if not enough people know about you.

    He started out as a Republican, and became disillusioned with the Reagan Revolution-he lost his Republican congressional seat back in the 80's due to the mainstream Republicans seeing to it that his district got gerrymandered so that he didn't win re-election (he's very disliked by the run of the mill Republicans)-and he actually ran for president in 1988 as the Libertarian Party candidate.

    I think he won re-election to this congressional seat sometime in the 1990's and has held on to it since then. It's pretty much a safe seat for Republicans-Democrats don't have much of a chance of winning in that district. Paul, however, is very disliked by the Republican leadership because he's so different from most Republicans-anti-war, for ending the War On Drugs, he's for non-intervention in other countries' affairs, returning a lot of rights to the states, and so on-all things that the Republican leadership is very much against.

    I guess he's afraid that if he runs as an independent (he's running for congress and in the Republican primary concurrently) that a mainstream Republican will run for his congressional seat and win, and then he'll really be screwed. I have a degree in political science, and I used to spend a lot of time analyzing elections, so sometimes around election time my interest in it gets rekindled. I just wish Paul had mpre of a chance of winning. I for one think that he definitely needs to be more agressive about campaigning and getting his message out.
  17. Charise

    Charise Naked to the Cosmos

    Interesting wikipedia article on Paul-very thorough and objective.

    I was very impressed with one thing in particular that I read in that article. When he was practicing medicine (delivering babies) he refused to take any payments from Medicare or Medicaid. So, you know what he did for people that didn't have the money or private insurance to pay for their treatment? He treated them for free (pro bono) or let them pay as they were able to! And since he had delivered half the babies in Brazoria County, he had a pretty big base of support...

    If all the doctors and politicians in this country were as charitable and honest as he is, it would be a hell of a lot better country to live my not very humble opinion.....
  18. XBloodyNailPolishX

    XBloodyNailPolishX Forgetful Philosopher

    well he's got his priorities right then. He'd rather keep his chances of having a seat than be his "self". I don't think he's a republican... more like a conservative libertarian, or moderate republican maybe.
  19. XBloodyNailPolishX

    XBloodyNailPolishX Forgetful Philosopher

    agreed. By not going independent, he's kinda just shunning his supporters to be more popular.
  20. XBloodyNailPolishX

    XBloodyNailPolishX Forgetful Philosopher

    thats so cool! I agree, in general Ron Paul is a good guy... I just don't agree with some of his views... I'm more for Kucinich or Gravel.

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