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Discussion in 'Europe' started by kier, May 13, 2004.

  1. kier

    kier I R Baboon

    I just...aquired some romanian folk music, it's really nice lively and happy :)

    anyone know anything about it? i aquired it on a whim, and i'm glad i did :D

    i actualy really like folk music, i've got some irish too, but this stuff is really get-up-and-dance stuff :)
  2. Penny

    Penny Supermoderaginaire

    I have a friend who's from Romania, his name is Mihai, and I discovered romanian folk music thanks to him! It's really unique, I like it :)
  3. borut16

    borut16 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    There are some well known jazz bands from Romania. One is coming to our jazz festival next week, and i can't wait to go there:) BUt that's not what you were asking about, was it? :) If it was, just say so, and i can look that guy up.:)
  4. oblivionesse

    oblivionesse Member

    hy people! i am from Romania...but here the folk music is dead...or almost dead...there were some really good bands back in time..but now...they are alomst unknown..and very few people keep listening to them!
    if you want really good folk music...pls contact me(private message or e-mail) and i can support you!but especially with old music...the new one is few and cheap!
  5. jacobfredjo

    jacobfredjo Senior Member

    what are these artists names???? please tell us. Romanian Jazz??? that sounds fucking awesome. But Romanian folk sounds cool to, please let us know who these people are. Thanks!
    Happy Trails
  6. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    is Gogol Bordello Romanian? They seem very entertaining, to say the least
  7. Gerva

    Gerva Member

    I'm interested in balcanic music and culture in general, especially the carnival masks from the Carpazi area (the mountains)
  8. oblivionesse

    oblivionesse Member

    Gogol Bordello isn't romanian at all...
    gerva you said you are interested in balcanic popular music or what?
    those masks you said you are interested in are not carnival ones....
    people used them at big celebrations in the past, like Christmas, New year's Eve and Dragobete(a kind of Valentine's day)
    also, they are used at funerals and weddings
    here we have no carnivals, in the occidental acception of this word!
    please gerva don't use the word blacanic when talking about romania! we are not balcanic!!(like grece, macedonia, and so....)
  9. jacobfredjo

    jacobfredjo Senior Member

    Greetings from the midwest oblivionesse.

    Can you tell me some good musicians that you like? I would love to hear some music from your country. Thanks!
    Happy Trails
  10. chamook

    chamook Member

    First of all i wanna know if everybody is talking about the same thing: folk music like traditional romanian music or folk musc like kind of hippy music. Second: romania is not a balcanic country (but probabely u know that from geography)...third: Dragobete is not at all a kind of Valentine`s is an ancient celebration of fertility at birds and animals....more than one time a year.
    Ok...romanian folk music (whatever u mean by that) is amazing beautiful but u just have to find the good folk music. For details contact me....

  11. oana6

    oana6 Member

    if u want some authentic romanian music u can search for artists like maria tanase, maria lataretu...or tudor my opinion the best authentic romanian song is ciocarlia...this song inspired many artists like goran bregovic...the way the song is played...soooooo makes u wanna go and dance...
    it's true...the old and good romanian music is going down...soon romania will become buried under manele...and that's sad...
  12. Goth Scream

    Goth Scream Member

    Yeah, it's really sad that good old romanian music is getting "extinct" because of manele..But there still are some bands that keep it alive, and i'm not talking necessarily about folk, but about rock for example. Some real good romanian rock bands would be Iris, Vama Veche(separated into Vama and Trupa veche, but still), Celelate Cuvinte, Phoenix(a bit folk too), Taxi and others like these bands which are at least 20 years old. Besides the oldies there are some new bands like Luna Amara, Negura Bunget, Azepam(really new in my city) and many others. If you want romanian songs contact me ;)
  13. Georgi

    Georgi Member

  14. Goth Scream

    Goth Scream Member

    Well that music is called "manele" and it's the decline of romanian culture..Happy you like it :)
  15. quatsch

    quatsch Member

    hey all, shantel is german as I know and its not Romanian folk music
    and the song's lyric must be
    '...we are living in suburbia..

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