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Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by breathelife, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. breathelife

    breathelife Member

    ive rolled once with a few of my close friends at a bonfire and it was one of the best expierences of my life. i really want to give my girlfriend something amazing like this but shes totally against it. any ideas to make her roll with me?

  2. Dankism

    Dankism Member

    you cant make her roll with you what i would do is tell her about your expirences with it and watch this sick ass movie called Ecstasy Rising its a its 43 minute movie and its One of Peter Jennings' last journalistic endeavors before succumbing to lung cancer, f she still doesnt want to i wouldnt push it any further. rolling with someone you really love is amazing (but than again what isnt on E) and make sure the ills your getting are clean!! helps but getting a tester is always a good idea
  3. ChopperPilot

    ChopperPilot Member

    ^ exactly what he says :) FYI- you can find the Ecstasy Rising on youtube. Very informative.

    BTW- my wife was totally against trying E too. We were at a party and the host offered us some. My wife was "no way!", and I was "hell yes!". My wife was completely shocked that I accepted because she believed all the anti-E hype about how dangerous it was. I told her to not worry about me because it wasn't as dangerous as she had been led to believe. That night, she watched me with a grin on my face all night, saw me get more affectionate with her than ever, and I was more open with her than ever. After that night, she really wanted to try it. A month later she did, and we've been rolling together every month or two ever since.

    So maybe the answer is to let her be present as you roll one night.
  4. djreindeer

    djreindeer Member

    Maybe...But that can backfire on some people. They might see you high and not like that your feelings are not natural. I mean a lot of people against drugs are that way, not just against them because they think they are dangerous. They might think you are acting like a fool on the stuff, especially if you talk alot on it.

    But I agree, one should just offer it, and watch the video. BUt don't pressure or do something crazy like sneak it in a drink or something..

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