Rolling music and atmosphere?

Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by akatweak, Apr 29, 2007.

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    Well i figured everybody could list what they like listening to or what they enjoy doing while rolling.... i know a bunch of people are into techno but I just dont get the stuff even when im rolling makes me all weird... anyways heres my playlist and a few of my fav songs from the group ect. i just filled up on my ipod for my up in coming roll (it's been 3 or more months now)....

    Korn: Did my time, Freak on a leash, Falling away from me, Coming undone, Thoughtless, Got the Life
    (korn just kicks ass either way but they are one of the few bands i get up and move around to while roll'n)

    Nine Inch Nails: Fuck you like an animal, The Hand that feeds, Only
    (bout the closest thing to techno i listen to but only when im rolling)

    System of a Down: Byob!, Chop Suey, Spiders
    (boyb! just symbolizes rolling for me)

    Led Zep: Your Time is gonna come, Dyer Maker, Thank you, Battle for evermore, Going to cali
    (My 2nd all time fav band and the soul of Plant and Page is just amazing when im on a roll)

    Pink Floyd: Comfortably Numb
    (My all time fav band nothing can or ever will surpass em though tripping is more fun with floyd)

    The Doors: The End, People are strange, Riders of the storm
    (no one understood the doors in our minds more than Jim)

    Queen: Under pressure, Bohemian Rhapsody
    (Under pressure is just beautifull)

    Sublime: Santaria, What I got, Caress me down
    ( just good music)

    for when I like to Thizz dance
    South Park Mexicans: City of Dank, lalala, Filthy rich, 3rd wish, Dope game, Mexican Radio
    (love the beats they come up with)

    Atmosphere( dont know to many people who know of him but its bout the best lyrics with meaning and very entertaining to me)

    thats all i feel like listing

    peace and much love
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    i dont know what you should listen to casue im not you.

    you should roll in a calm setting with friends and do whatever you fell like, watch tv movies etc... pink floyd
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    Raves...parties, roll parties especially, glowsticks galore, females, techno/trip hop/heavy bass beats...I only listen to that type of stuff while rolling, but its my favorite whilst beaned up.

    Rolling in a chill group of friends is good as well, because it tends to bring out the more theraputic purposes of MDMA...deep conversation my experiences, mdma empathy is fake...its not real the product of a drug, which led me to favor the party aspect of ecstasy
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    drumnbass, jungle, old school, hardcore

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