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Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by SunFree, May 21, 2004.

  1. SunFree

    SunFree Member

    I'm going to prom tomorrow night...wooo. :rolleyes: The theme is "treasure island,"though, so that should be cool (besides the fact that there's a special note on the ticket saying, "This is a FORMAL dance - all informal wear such as t-shirts, tennis shoes etc. is not allowed; including pirate costumes.")

    Anyway, my point is. Afterwards, my friends and I are driving up to Portland to see the midnight screen showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Which is exciting. Except for the fact that I've never been to such a thing before, I've just seen the movie on my own t.v. So I'm a little scared of what the hell is going to happen.

    Can anybody give me a clue?
  2. okay.. well at the begining theres these "virgin tests" a virgin, in this case, is one who has not been to a showing of Rocky Horror at a thetre, they make the virgins do all sorts of stuff, seeing how deep they can deep throught a bananna, who can do the best fake orgasam, and other that sort of thing. also sometimes in the begining they do a thing called the transilvanian anthem, its where the person to the left ( i think) of you puts thier hands on your breasts. everyone gets up to do the timewarp, and also after they fall down from the timewarp, you stand up when you hear the begining of sweet transvestite. theres a whole bunch of lines you call out thoughout the show.. um.. you throw things.. like rice at Betty Hapshatt's Wedding, and Confetti at when Rocky and Frank walk off in wedding music, and toast when they say a toast when theyre eating, and birthday hats when they put those on.. etc.. lots of fun things you can do. lots of people go dressed up, lots of Corcets and fishnets. Yay Denton Ra ra ra! YAAAAYY Denton! why the fuck is there a Billboard in the middle of a cemetry?. but yeah, have a good time! i was making sure to warn you of the vigin tests.. you dont have to do them..
  3. yay! im going for my 3rd time on the 3rd of June! yay! with my Girlfriend!;) he yay! funess!
  4. bring rice toast an umbrella or newspaper also a water gun and after seeing it once and joining in on the fun you want to go again at lease i did and also you find out when to screem what line out if you rember the movie there is a part when the guy that owns the house start calling magents and before he does you screem out what your favourit colour and things like that you could always look up on the net what to do at a rocky horror pictuer show viewing or what to bring to rocky horror pictuer show viewing ect. it's lots of fun Ann
  5. VanAstral

    VanAstral Member

    damn, man, is that for real... is that what they really do at those things? That's crazy, that's wicked cool! Do they advertise these events, I want to go, how do you know where one is being held? i can't make portland for days.
  6. Hahaha, that sounds crazy, but I really wish they had that around here!
  7. Caitlin

    Caitlin Member

    Im just a sweet transvestite....from transexual...Transylvaniaaaa.

    Wow, Id like to go to a viewing..make love to RiffRaff, things like that:)
  8. Dilapidated

    Dilapidated Member

    Ha, yes Riff is orgasmically... orgasmic.
    I've never been to one but I want to so bad. I doubt they have them around here. Must go to Chicago...
  9. They have it everywhere the thing is you got to go looking for it and I don't look thats why I have only been to one once

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