Road trip to Nimbin

Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by Peter Popper, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Peter Popper

    Peter Popper Tripper

    Me and some mates are planning a trip to Nimbin australia. like the drug capital i guess you may call it. iv heard all the stories, people deal openling in the streets, cops dont care, cops smoke, shops sell shrooms, the weed is the best. (iv had it and it is truelly nuts) you can get anydrug you like. DMT everything...

    anyone been there? is this all true? i know some of it is.
    but ill be driving from Brisbane, anyone know the time to drive that distance.

    give me your experiences of visiting Nimbin.
  2. Mr LJ

    Mr LJ Member

    Hey, i dont know about the mushrooms man, but they do have a hemp bar, from brisbane to nimbin itll probably take abit over an hour and a half, its right by byron bay man so not too far.
  3. Peter Popper

    Peter Popper Tripper

    thanks for the info, but as far as im aware its about a 5 hour drive to byron. its like 30 minits just to get to DreamWorld.

    im assuming its around the 5 hour mark, but i asked incase somone knew exactly.

    i think i read the mardi grass was on in like may 7 or somthing. somthing like ten thousand people turn up to that little town like next week. only time they dont sell openly, and only time the cops are nuts. so i dont even want to go then.
  4. Mr LJ

    Mr LJ Member

    yeah, it was a guess, i just looked at my map of Aus and guessed the time, it was about the same distance on the map as my town to a place that is about 2 hours away and heres a website about the hemp bar if that will help you out at all
    and yeah, the mardigrass is on the 5&6 this year.
  5. bee-unlimited

    bee-unlimited Member

    i been to nimbin, & although it is a great place like so many places also smak is sold so nimbin also has its darker side !. but if you wanna meet the locals its well worth dropping into the shannon market once a month, very mellow with lots a good vibes, music.
    but the best the area has to offer is keep your ears open & find the local bush doofs, im not kidding local trance artists, dj`s & the like go into the old growth forest for a couple of days & realy have a good time. i know this as i built 3 sound systems out there & lived there for 8 years. we do the best partys, for more info on crazy byron bay area partys get in touch with

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