RIP Bob Wilkins

Discussion in 'Horror Movies' started by Andy Panda, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Andy Panda

    Andy Panda Member

    Bob Wilkins, the host in the '70's of Creature Features died last month. Respect should be paid to this unique soft spoken and totally original man. In his glasses, rocking chair and with ever present cigar, he calmly advised viewers not to watch if the flick was a total stinker. He was the first horror host not to resort to scary / funny makeup. His most famous quote was 'Keep America strong! Watch horror movies!"
    His successor John Stanley may be better known, as he's written several excellent books on horror films, but it's Bob I'll always recall most fondly. Thanks.
  2. Yahowa13

    Yahowa13 Member

    What city did he broadcast from? I'm from Philadelphia we had Dr. Shock
  3. Andy Panda

    Andy Panda Member

    He was out of the san francisco bay area.

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