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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by mya long, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. mya long

    mya long Guest

    Hi. I have no clue on how to ride my bf. when we have sex, it's missionary style or he does all the work. I'm inexperienced when it comes to riding my man. I told him that I wanted to learn but when I try he flips me over and gets on top of me and takes over. he never complains but I want to dominate him sometimes and be in control, but I don't know if I'm doing it right.

    Can someone give me tips on how to ride a guy properly. do men like it fast or slow? should I let the penis slide in and out while I'm moving? I watch pornos to try and learn but I'd like some tips from guys and gals out there. Thanks!
  2. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    I think the main problem here is that you're either not telling your boyfriend how much you want to ride him or he's not letting you experiment though you've told him.

    There's nothing anyone could show you or tell you that will teach you how to have a pleasurable experience with your boyfriend. We're not privy to the specifics of each one of you.

    What-men-like questions are useless because at best you're going to get some dude with a big head that thinks he speaks for everybody else.

    I'll tell you the truth, I get nothing out of a girl riding me. I'm speaking only for myself, and I suspect most men do like being ridden. Personally, I'm like your boyfriend: dominant in bed. The only time I really got a kick out of that was when a chick rode me in her ass...but I think it had to do more with how impressed I was that she was really taking it up the ass nice and rough without my prompting.

    All that being said, I like giving my partners pleasure, so when they ask me to ride me, I'm not going to be an asshole and not let it happen.

    My advice is: if you want to learn how to build a house, build a house.

    Edit: I searched my memory banks and I did cum once from a woman riding me. She was really really freaky, though. And yes, she was riding me fast a strong. I'm pretty sure she got leg cramps afterwards, lol!
  3. mya long

    mya long Guest

    thanks for the advice. interesting that you don't prefer being ridden. honestly, it looks like that in the pornos too. the guys rarely look impressed. men seem to be pleasured only when the woman's movement is fast and strong, and when both are facing each other rather than the up-down-jumping movement when the woman and man aren't facing each other. I actually prefer to be dominated, but I'm afraid that the sex will become stale because I'm not contributing as much as he does. don't get me wrong, I will get into any position and am willing to try anal and we've done oral, but I dont want him to feel like he's missing out.
  4. *MAMA*

    *MAMA* Perfectly Imperfect

    I'm going to go ahead and assume your not a troll, and give you some advice. I'm not on top all that often since I prefer dominant men, but that doesn't mean I never like to be in control.

    Leverage is important. Having your knees right up against the sides of his hips will give you that. The more thrusting you do, the faster he's likely going to orgasm. If you want to make him last longer, mix it up with thrusting and some deep grinding. Also, just because you're on top, doesn't mean that he just has to lay there and stare at you. Grab his hands and put them where you want them, do a little dirty talk, etc.

    Is he usually lying down or in the sitting position? I prefer the man in the sitting positron because I feel like I have better hip control, and I feel like it's easier for him to do some thrusting too when he's sitting.Since it sounds like he's a dominant man, you'll probably have to tell him when you want to be in control. Just sit him down, tell him to sit back and relax, start him off with a lap dance, then do your thing.
  5. mya long

    mya long Guest

    this advice is helpful. no, I'm not trolling. I'm new to this site and this is truly something that I want to learn. I know I posted some other topic, but I guess I have alot of questions and got a little carried away, lol.
  6. Reducted

    Reducted Member

    I wouldn't mind that too much. It is the job of men to not look impressed. :2thumbsup:

    My advice is to keep practicing and have confidence in yourself. Look down on him like he is a toy. Bite your lip and grin wolfishly. Confidence is sexy.
  7. *MAMA*

    *MAMA* Perfectly Imperfect

    You must be the most boring lay ever.
  8. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    On top can actually be interesting for both.
    When I'm with my fellow tantric partner, we do yab yum. It only works with penis possessor on bottom, although we are facing each other.
    There's also leaning back, so that its an X. The different points of sensation really get played up.

    Think beyond the vertical piston.
  9. mya long

    mya long Guest

    thanks. btw, can you please tell me what is tantric sex about? there was a tantric sex class being taught near my home, but I didnt take the class b/c I couldn't figure out what tantric sex was. it thought it was using ur thoughts to orgasm, dunno I was confused about it. but I'm open to try tantric sex. sounds very interesting.
  10. T.C.

    T.C. Member

    I like both ride and being ridden (I'm a male).
    If I had to choose, I would say: 45% ride (missionary/doggy) and 55% ridden (she on top, cowgirl, call however you want!).
    That 5% is because I love watching her moving and get the control.

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