Ride Offer to Ocala for Central FL

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by BrandO84, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. BrandO84

    BrandO84 Member

    Since the Ocala gathering is fast approaching, I figured I'd jump on here and throw out my offer as a ride to anyone needing a lift to the gathering this year. I'm not too far from it so my reach is limited, as I will be leaving for the gathering from either Spring Hill, FL or Orlando (depending on what I'm doing before the gathering), but if there's anyone in the central FL area that needs a lift near me I am willing to help out. If anyone is interested, you can reach me best through MySpace at http://myspace.com/brando_1784 though you can also try my email at brando647@yahoo.com (MySpace is best as I rarely check my email but I will make a point to pop in and check it over the coming weeks). I am also available occasionally on AIM, screenname is BrandOMS84. I am hoping to leave early enough to help with the seed camp but I won't know for certain until it gets closer.

    If anyone is interested, let me know so I can plan accordingly. Peace...

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