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    Drum and bass culture... Is this the pinnicle of civilisation or is it a stream of repetative nonsense.
    I used to DJ the stuff... while I don't love it enough to DJ it anymore I still believe there is alot in it. I went to a drum and bass night last night and had a excellent time. The whole room was going crazy. Unforunately the headline DJs were messed up on pills and coke so I left. I mean when your in that state you seriously don't know your arse from your elbow let alone what tune to play next. Seeing them gave me shudders, I could almost feel the anticipation of their comedown as they chewed their faces off.
    One of my friends was DJing though and he tore the place apart. There is nothing like a set of raging basslines and heavy drums to get you going on a friday night. Thats another reason to stay in the uk. where would you get your fix on drum and bass? Yes, there are clubs abroad... but seriously, the music came from the UK and will always be at the forfront of the scene.
    Perhaps some of you may think psychedelic trance is better... well, there is also alot to be said for that as well, but that is a different story!

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