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    September 6, 2013

    This is the third in a series of Riddick movies since Pitch Black (2000) and The Chronicles of Riddick (2004). While it has been nine years since the last sequel and 13 years since the beginning it seems like yesterday. Well actually last weekend when I watched both of the DVDs I have.

    Critics give it mixed reviews from very bad to enjoyable but that is their job. If you liked the first two movies, sit back and enjoy this one because it is what it is - an absurd fantasy about a loner criminal with a bounty on his head who survives the most hostile of alien worlds when everyone else around him gets dispatched.

    The movie opens, as seen in the trailers of an apparently dead Riddick (Vin Diesel) on just such an hostile planet about to be eaten by some alien vulture creature when the hand it is picking at grabs it by the neck. Good on the visuals and set scenery. There is a voiceover of Riddick as to how often he has been in these grievous, near death situations and how he got here.

    That prompts a flashback to the last scene in Chronicles of Riddick when he killed the Lord Marshall of the Necromongers and taking his place. Somehow this scene reminded me of Conan The Barbarian, ill at ease being king.

    Lord Marshall Riddick

    Riddick is restless to look for his home planet of Furya and Vaako (Karl Urban in a cameo) agrees to have him taken there - but we know not to trust Vaako. Too bad Riddick trusted him.

    For the first part of the movie Riddick is badly injured with a broken leg and having to fight off large alien canines and some other water living alien creature. Of course you know he survives and becomes master of a hostile planet and gets away from the life that made him soft and vulnerable.

    Riddick Back in Form

    Riddick senses danger on the planet, similar to what was encountered in Pitch Black and finds a merc station where he sends out his image, knowing bounty hunters will come. It's how Riddick calls a taxi. They come, first a crude merc crew with a murderous leader Santana (Jordi Molla) and a second, more professional looking uniformed crew led by Boss Johns (Matt Nable). There is one female in the mix with Johns crew, Dahl (Katee Sakhoff), a very attractive but quite butch lesbian.

    Dahl - Not to be Trifled With

    Riddick is playing them and despite all their precautions he manages to steal their ships energy packs. Eventually Riddick gets captured and is in chains (we've seen him get out of that before) but as the planet conditions get worse and the crews are losing members, they cut him loose and form a tenuous alliance for survival.

    Riddick & Johns Fighting Aliens

    I enjoyed the movie and think it fits nicely with the other two in the series. Some of the sets were fantastic and the special effects passable. It is rated R for T&A, violence and gore so be nice and take your young teen boys with you - they'll love it.
  2. hotwater

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    I saw the movie last night and while it got off to a slow start it got better as the movie progressed :2thumbsup:

    There is one female in the mix with Johns crew, Dahl (Katee Sakhoff), a very attractive but quite butch lesbian.

    Still though I been wanting to see those knockers of hers since Battlestar Galactica - they didn't disappoint :2thumbsup:

  3. Manservant Hecubus

    Manservant Hecubus Master of Funk and Evil

    I doubt I'll be seeing this.
    The Chronicles of Riddick was officially the only movie that's ever moved me to fall asleep in a theater.

    Katee comes close to thinking I might be able to risk it as a downloadable watch. Just for her.

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