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Discussion in 'Protest' started by Chris L, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Chris L

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    There's already a good number of people boycotting them. I'm one of them. I started getting pissed when they were sueing ten year old kids, but when I looked more into it,I was pissed off even more. For instance, I learned that the musicians only make about a buck per CD, after selling half a million CDs. Before that, they get nothing.
    Then there's the subject of pay-for-play. Radio stations are actually paid to only play songs put out by the RIAA. This is why we never hear anyhting good on the radio anymore. It's not that theres no talent, it's simply that only no talent, no message bands are signed by the RIAA, and promoted. It's all such bullshit. So, if your sick of bands like Simple Plan, Rap 'artists', and stuff like Hilary Duff (seriously, how can anyone listen to this??) boycott. Don't even buy stuff that is good. By buying anything from the RIAA, you're simply helping them to eliminate good music.
    And, get this, The RIAA is paying congress members BIG bucks. The senators are proposing/passing so much bullshit. For instance, a little while ago, they tried to set up jailtime for downloaders. So please, help stop the madness, and BOYCOTT!

    Check out these sites if you want to know more:


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    I like what guys like Chuck D have been touring and lecturing about. The re-advent of independant music distribution. Not a big fan of the monster music companies either. Sad thing with downloading though is that if the independant bands get their stuff out, start selling albums, somebody rips it and uploads it, bunches download it for free, the band now has to quit making music because they can't make ends meet and have to work a day job again ... even though tons of people have their music. Most of the people I know would rather have the actual c.d. with the cover art (better quality sound) etc... but there's a whole generation of kazaa refugees that just want everything for free and could care less about the bands themselves. As far as the RIAA goes though, I'm with ya.
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  4. balko

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    Hell yeah, we shouldn't have to $20 bucks for a CD and the reason we bought it gets like 1 cent.

    I had to write an article for Journalism on the RIAA and file sharing, I titled it "RIAA vs. Everyone" lol

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