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Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by FrozenMoonbeam, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. FrozenMoonbeam

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    Oh wow, omfg, I absolutely HAVE to go to this.

    I mean it's New years eve and playing this year/next year are (wait for it)

    * Salmonella Dub
    * Fat Freddy's Drop
    * The Black Seeds
    * Shapeshifter
    * The WBC
    * Kora
    * The Taliband (yey for local dunners bands)
    * Pitch Black
    * Cornerstone Roots
    * D Dub

    wow, wow, wow.

    Eighteen hours of dub and reggaeness on a wine estate, and free camping with your ticket. Life is good. I'm there. Who's with me?

  2. Taylor

    Taylor Repatriated

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    ugh I so wish I could go. but I'll be on camp.

    damn it.

    have fun without me. :(

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