Rev Roger, The Year of the Rat, Part 2

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    There is a Chinese curse that goes “May you live in interesting times”. Why do they call that a curse? Do they WANT to be bored?

    Not I.

    I welcome the challenges that face us, in this dark year of Our Lord 2008. I sneer at the cheap hustlers and fixers, and so should you. They are scum, and there seems to be no end of them. Even the Book of Revelations does not promise a plague of vengeful yahoos, for Chrissakes. It is your DUTY to smite them, to chastise them, and to show them the error of their ways. 220 years of patriots demand it.

    Just look around you...they have turned freedom into a cheap Orwellian slogan, they have isolated us from our allies (at least our allies that refuse to be our vassals), they have stated that TORTURE is ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR, and now they are poised to have the power to toss you in jail because you show “discontent” with the US “goverment”.

    Well, let me tell you a little secret about this “government”...It doesn’t exist.

    That’s right, there ain’t no such thing as government interference, because there ain’t no such thing as the US government; just a rubber stamp for the people who make the REAL decisions, while you fool yourself into thinking it’s a republic just because you get to choose between the Punch and Judy dolls they allow you vote for, like it makes a BIG DIFFERENCE. Hear me out on this one:

    The people that make up the “government” are real. The bureaus they work for are a social fiction.

    Blue uniforms and tasers are real. Cops are a social fiction.

    Assault rifles are real. Soldiers are a social fiction.

    Indeed, green cotton paper is real, and EVERYONE knows our money is a social fiction.

    Social fictions only function so long as people believe in them...and are you seriously prepared to admit belief in a system that forced you to choose between John Kerry and George W Bush? For real? That was like watching Don Knotts and Peewee Herman have a slap fight. They’re not even TRYING, anymore. The only ones who believe anything any of these retards say are people who can’t find the time to break their conditioning, and the Yahoos.

    The Yahoos, of course, are convinced their time has come. There are many fires burning on the hills, and the sounds of hooting in the darkness can even be heard on the internet. But I have something to tell them...I no longer believe their social fictions, and neither should you.

    Think about it.
    They rely on the behavior of good citizens to maintain the status quo. Problem is, being good citizen only works in a good society...So stop being a good citizen. Put one finger on each hand up, royally screw up everything you come close to (for did Eris not intend you to be a walking glitch?), and do everything you can to stick it to The Man. Protests mean nothing; they will simply ignore you, or take your pictures for their databases. One sneaky act of sabotage will accomplish more than a hundred ridiculous protests or marches. Operate under the radar, pay cash, and screw up the credit-heads’ system. Just you doing these things will accomplish nothing, of course. But if thousands do it...

    Now, I am NOT saying to rise up in violent revolution...By doing that, you are fighting on their turf. It is what they do best...never, ever let the enemy choose the battlefield. They will kick your ass, and at most you’ll be a blip on the evening news...and just another example of the Lone Nut for them to terrorize the population with. No, it is far better to gnaw away at the guts of The Machine, like some horrible guinea worm. Your actions should not terrify, they should confuse. A sense of general unease in the general population is far more constructive than fear. Let them feel the ground subtly shifting beneath their feet. Let them hear the groans of the structure twisting, but offer them no target to lash out at...they will find a target on their own, and it will be a visible one; and by that I mean the rotten bastards that they will finally SEE screwing them over. Sure, many will simply still blame the democrats or the republicans or the JOOOZ or the Masons...but many others will realize that the entire system is broken, the game is rigged, and the problem has never been our heads of state, but rather the state of our heads.

    And those are the people we need.

    Or kill me.
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    again, great post...

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