Rev Roger: The Year of the Rat, Part 1

Discussion in 'The Media' started by TGRR, Mar 16, 2008.

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    The Chinese call this the Year of the Rat. They would have us believe that this symbolizes renewal and rebirth...but we know differently, don’t we? Oh, yes.

    We know that the upcoming election is largely meaningless, as the same corporations are funding all of the candidates, ensuring that it will be the same old song and dance yet again.

    We know that our “government” is furiously rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, as the nation slides into a recession (or worse) that everyone ignores like the proverbial elephant in the living room.

    We know that the war in Iraq will never end, no matter who is elected. They are like investment advisors that tell you to throw good money after bad; except in their case, they tell us to throw good soldiers after good. McCain in particular seems to think that we must continue the war, because we apparently have some un-maimed soldiers left.

    We know that every month or so, congress passes another law specifically designed to chip away at every freedom we managed to wring out of the bastards since 1776. In fact, with the latest one - the odious Homegrown Terrorist Act - you can be labeled a terrorist just for bitching about what the thieves, pimps, and fixers have done to you lately.

    We know that we are lied to every day, indeed we know that the “government” and the “press” lie to us when the truth is easier. In one breath, they tell you that everything is great, and in the next they do their level best to terrorize the living blue Jesus out of us, babbling about nutcases shooting up schools, or terrorists, or the latest crazy shit our former vassals have said they plan to do about us. They thrive on is the only tool they need, because the American public has been conditioned since birth to be afraid. Fnord.

    And that, my friends, is their biggest weakness...all they have is terror. And how does one fight terror? It’s easier than it sounds. You just refuse to be afraid. Think about it. Are you REALLY scared of terrorists? Really? You have far, far better odds of being hit by a bus than you do of being blown up by some crazy Muslim fanatic who just loves a crowd. For that matter, are you really afraid of our so-called “government”? Why? For one thing, what passes for the “government” has already demonstrated its total incompetence. Seriously, they can’t do ANYTHING right. Just look around you.

    And the mainstream media? They’re a joke. They can’t even keep their candidates straight (Faux News recently showed McCain as “D-AZ”). Screw the mainstream fact, screw mainstream America. Being “mainstream” isn’t a litmus test for desirability; it is instead being part of the problem. So why the hell would you be scared of anything they say?

    Stop being afraid. Walk upright. Kill “Bob”.

    Or kill me.
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    wow; this is a great post... you've made a lot of good points and really got my attention. Rock on!
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