Rev. Matthew Fox, Steven Newcomb And The New World Order

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    by Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer

    In 1992, Steven Newcomb (Shawnee, Lenape) and Birgil Kills Straight (Oglala Lakota) started a campaign to set their people free from the subjugated state of existence imposed upon indigenous peoples around the world by an international legal construct known as the Doctrine of Discovery, a doctrine based on a series of 15th century papal bulls. Newcomb recently met with Pope Francis to ask him to revoke one of those infamous papal bulls Inter Caetera and to also give the pope an article and book he authored. The campaign that Newcomb and Kills Straight began in 1992 is now a global movement.

    Newcomb is a columnist for Indian Country Today Media Network (ICTMN), the world's largest Indian news source. This news source occasionally posts a selective comment or two, rarely three, on its articles. It regularly posts my comments on Newcomb's articles.

    ICTMN recently posted a 266 word comment of mine on an article by Newcomb The article is entitled Time to Acknowledge Original Independence of Our Nations. It's the only comment posted on the article. It reads:

    Good article Mr. Newcomb! You expressed that the reason why most colonized Americans today have feelings of deep patriotism toward this country is a result of the psychological damage inflicted on them by ruthless white Christian colonialism. There are influential white people and large contemporary Christian movements working to resolve this problem. Reverend Matthew Fox is an influential white activist working to resolve this problem. When talking about the current pope, Fox recently said that the previous two popes called his work "dangerous and devious," but that Pope Francis "is plagiarizing it," suggesting that the Catholic Church is now indirectly following his lead. Two pontifical councils have jointly stated that Fox is a "New Age" spiritual theologian. When referring primarily to the hippie spiritual revolution that began in the 1960s, a revolution that was an expression of New Age spirituality and highly influenced by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the Beatles, Peter R. Jones, an internationally renowned Christian theologian, lecturer and author, wrote: Indeed, the Sixties was a spiritual revolution that has now morphed into a worldview that promises to alter how we all believe and act in the planetary era. A Caryl Production 2012 video is about a large contemporary New Age spirituality "Christian" movement that is portrayed as a new expression of the New Age hippie spiritual revolution of the 1960s. The video is entitled WIDE IS THE GATE - The Emerging New Christianity. My website, located at [the URL to my website was displayed here], presents new information about Fox's work as well as contemporary "Christian" movements working to decolonize America and other colonized nations.
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    On November 24, 2016, Rev. Matthew Fox, a promoter of creation spirituality, was interviewed. The interview is entitled Thomas Merton’s Creation Spirituality Journey. The interviewer said (12:46 – 12:58) “this is important to talk about, you mentioned that this is not only a 20th century new kind of hippie spirituality, creation spirituality, it goes back all the way to...”
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    In 2011, Glen Beck, one of America’s leading multi-media personalities, is quoted in a video (100:25 - 101:00) "the hippie New Age spirituality which I actually agree with."

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