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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Kinky Ramona, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    Okay, so most people in life have to start off working in retail or food service. Dish out your horror stories. Or...annoying customer stories. I only worked at a convenience store for two weeks (but I'm going back most likely...ho shit!), so I only have one complaint, but I wanna hear others. I find them funny.

    My story:

    Okay, while I was working, I noticed a pattern. Every hour, on the hour, and at the half hour, I'd get a rush of people in and be distracted for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. Not a ton of time...except when it comes to coffee. I had been keeping fresh pots on constantly, but one of my rushes was exceptionally long, so I hadn't had time to put on another pot yet. Just as the people dispersed and I had time to breathe, an old man comes up to the counter and tells me he only got half a cup. I figured it was just another penny pincher who thought they could save money by half-assing it. Well, policy there was, it wasn't what was in the cup that counted, the cup was what was charged for, so I informed him I had to charge him full price. So he has a cow and tells me he'll never come back and that's ridiculous and blaaaah. Then FINALLY, he lets me know that actually, there was only enough coffee left in the pot for half a cup. I told him I was extremely sorry for the inconvenience and I'd make a fresh batch. It was weird how much he calmed down once he got a full fresh cup of coffee and paid for it. Old people need their coffee, though, and you'd be insane if you knowingly kept them from it. I thought I'd lose a few limbs over that...heh.
  2. mudpuddle

    mudpuddle MangaHippiePornStar Lifetime Supporter

    Y'know...It Seems Every Day There is a New Story to Tell...

    But I will Get Back to You on thois One...
  3. KozmicBlue

    KozmicBlue Senior Member

    Oh god customer service.. if I ever have to do customer service even just for one more day I'll probably end up shooting myself in the head or going on a murder spree. :p

    I've worked in a grocery store which was just depressing..
    And I've worked in an amusement park which was.. uhh.. I dunno how to put it nicely.. :p Anyway, it was just madness and I discovered that women in their 30's and 40's who have children are the worst ever when it comes to complaining about every single tiny thing. Of course I'm not saying all of them are like that but I had to deal with so many bitchy mothers that it was just unbelievable. I mean come on.. if you come to a busy amusement park with five screaming children you can't really expect everything to go super duper smoothly! :p
    Before working in customer service I thought I was really a people person.. But customer service made me hate people. Haha well not really.. but almost. :eek: Working with people is fine but sucking up to them really really sucks.
  4. LK1

    LK1 Member

    SOOOO i work in a chemist right? Pharmacy Assistant... So i handle all the arseholes that dont have a Prescription to get a Behind the Counter drug.

    One day a man comes in. Asks me for a drug that you need a prescription for. Hes slurring his words (hes a total junkie i could tell he was out of his mind). And i tell hm "If you have a serious problem and need this medicine urgently just pop into the Med. Centre next door and ask the DR. for a prescription" You'd think i had just called his mother a whore or something because he just went off his nut "IM NOT A FUKN DRUGGO I CAN GET THIS SHIT IF I WANT I DONT HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOU BLA BLA BLA I CAN AFFORD IT DONT TREAT ME LIKE SHIT YOU STUPID BITCH BLA BLA BLA" so i call security to come in and he tries to hit me... Gosh what a dickhead. Luckily there were some bigger guys (customers) that were nice enough to jump in and pull him away....

    And I get tightarses on a daily basis trying to get discounts for absolutely nothing this is a serious conversation between me and a customer just yesterday

    "That comes to $77.75c"
    Customer "Can i get a discount?"
    "Why is there anything wrong with any of the products?"
    Customer "No i just want a discount... can i have one?"

    what a joke
    Ahh the joys of working in a Chemist.
  5. Biggen

    Biggen Banned

    I work in a bookstore. Everybody wants a fucking discount.

    Sure. Do you have a coupon?

    The best ones are people who come in looking for a book they "heard about". They don't know the title or the author, but they're pretty sure the book is about politics.

    Great. Let me show you our political section. Browse away.

    The worst customers have to be the church folks who come in Sunday morning with the whole family. Right after church. They're tired, stressed and guilt-ridden. They are the rudest customers I deal with.

    Oh, and NO ONE knows how to put a book or magazine back on the shelf.
  6. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    my first real job , I fried Taco Shells for 6-8 hours a day....did wonders for my cpomplexion.......
  7. daisymae

    daisymae Senior Member

    I worked in a coffee shop for years....the worst part was the customers. ;)

    Then I got in to cake wouldn't believe some of the crap people thought I could put on a cake...
    -Someone brought in a 3"x5" photograph of a scene across a lake...they wanted it done in icing on the top of a 15"x16" cake. I did it and I tought it looked awful.
    -a poster of "The Rock" drawn in icing on a small didn't do that one.

    I know places like Dairy Queen have special photo thingys to copy a picture onto a cake, but I didn't.

    Also colours.... I would get a request for peach, red and pink roses all together on a cake. I have to say that I can make ANY colour combo look good on a cake ;)

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