Responsibilities your's, credits your's, respect your's

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    These are interesting questions below if you seek truthfully answering with time to kill. Answer what parts you will. Either all parts or some parts or one part, it's up to you. Can even come back till you've completed all. [​IMG]

    Part 1:

    1. Besides the common things (paying bills, paying taxes, working and keeping a decent paying job, doing school work, studying for classes, grooming your body, taking care of family, taking care of pets, taking care of any automobile, doing household chores, and taking care of the yard), what other things are you uniquely responsible for?

    2. And what exactly was the last, terrible action you took responsiblity for?

    3. Also, do you like it when someone else tells you what you are responsible for or what you will be responsible for henceforth?

    Part 2:

    4. Do you seek taking credit for things you've alone done or spoken or written? And what certain kinds of things?

    5. What was the last thing other people just gave you credit for, without you originally seeking any credit for it?

    6. And do you happen to have street credit around your way?

    Part 3:

    7. Do you have respect from among your:

    A) family?
    B) freinds?
    C) co-workers?
    D) boss and supervisors?
    E) close neighbors?
    F) neighborhood community?
    G) police?
    H) wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend?
    I) team mates?
    J) class mates?
    K) competitors in recreational things?
    L) 'single opposite sex' strangers which either come up to you or you go up to?
    M) room mate?

    8. What main kinds of people do you have no respect for? And is it just them or what things they do that you just don't have respect for?

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