Republicans are ruining American education

Discussion in 'Politics' started by unfocusedanakin, Jun 12, 2018.

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    I'm using my own post info above. Here's why .........

    The same guy that asked me if I thought the Holocaust was real - or made-up propaganda - he and I had a teacher in our Junior High School that had the tattooed numbers from her concentration camp incarceration on her arm !!!!!!! She used to tell her students about those days. She was a Lithuanian Jewish lady.

    I guess she was lying about her concentration camp days and made up her tattoo as well - just to brainwash students ..............................

    How deeply the right-wing, white supremacy, Neo-nazi, lying propaganda machinery has penetrated U.S. society.
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    I've known quite a few older Jewish men with the tattoos on their arms. Numbers from the concentration camp. It ain't a myth, it's reality.
  3. wooleeheron

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    I've met a few myself, and the myth is that modern civilization is civilized. Give a gun to chimp that speaks sign language, and he'll tell you he's civilized.
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    Hello UFD:

    I'm here in New Jersey, and don't Know too much about Oklahoma. Here Teachers are doing well and have a public paid pension plan.

    Scholastic attainment is subject to so, so many variables; compensation can be one of several factors that make up school performance.
    In some places, educators are paid well and performance lacks.
    Perhaps the best predictive factor in scholastic performance is the commitment of the students and famlies. Here in the NY/NJ area different types of schools are in compitition for the most committed students; and the dollars that follow that student.

    I'm reasoning that if Oklahoma school's perform poorly, The famlies may shop around for alternatives.

    The New Jersey model of schooling may seem nice from afar, but the pension plans are way underfunded and create a debt hangover on the public fisc. Our state government dances to the UFT tune to the detriment of our fiscal health. Everyone, including the MSM pretends that the pensions are all well. We miss our pension contributions all the time.

    Oh, and Jersey gives huge tax breaks to lure business also.
  6. Piney

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    I am reading that a lot of Oklahoma land titles are now in question, due to court rulings. That Native Amerindians will be able to take a claim to former lands.
  7. Piney

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    Remembering the troubles of Senator Joe Lieberman faced from his own caucus.
  8. Toecutter

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    This is what is being taught to our children, why ?

    On the 20-year anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, today’s college-aged students were too young to remember what happened with many having been born after the attacks. Florida students interviewed by Campus Reform said that educators teaching lessons on the terrorist attacks should avoid discussing “American exceptionalism” and “focus on America’s faults.”

    Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson went to the University of Florida to ask students how they thought the deadly 9/11 terrorist attacks should be taught in a classroom.
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    The good , the bad and the ugly should ALL be taught in schools. There are many things about this country that are exemplary and many that need improvement. More youngins 'need school and school should not just be a place to enable students to get jobs---but to learn HOW to learn properly, how to critically think about the problems of the modern world and how best to solve them. There should be a national standard for teachers pay and for their ethics.
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  11. scratcho

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    Well--you know--the more you learn ----:)
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  12. MeAgain

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    So I checked out the video. It isn't about Florida, it's Virginia.
    Now, the FOX news hosts at the beginning of the segment claim that a Virginia training video "instructs teachers to avoid calling the 811 attackers terrorists and avoid promoting American exceptionalism during lessons on the attacks."

    Then it goes on to state that it is an opinion of a professor, Amar Decur herself, not a policy or opinion of the university she teaches at, not the curriculum, not the state of Virginia, or anyone else, or any organization educational or otherwise. Further at the start of the video Ms Decur takes pains to tell us that this is her opinion, not the views or opinions of the Virginia board of Education.

    Then she basically states that Muslims, that is all Muslims, are not responsible for 911. She calls the 911 perpetrators extremists, that is extremists in the Muslim community, same as we have extremists in the Christian community. And she supposedly calls for promoting a shared humanity in the world instead of concentrating of American superiority.

    All this is cherry picked from a two hour video, which we don't see, and which the department of Education tells us was designed to counter bullying of Muslim students about 911.

    Then we hear the opinion, again, of another Muslim who didn't like the first Muslim woman's opinion.
    First opinion bad, second opinion good.

    So basically a typical FOX segment designed to make you think that this is a Department of Education policy and it leaves out all the details, not to mention criticizing this woman for exercising her opinion.
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  13. Toecutter

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    Did you watch the Campus reform video, University of Florida
    WATCH: Students think 9/11 lessons should omit 'gruesome' details, 'avoid placing blame'
  14. MeAgain

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  15. Toecutter

    Toecutter Moderator

    Does it look like a Fox News segment ?
  16. MeAgain

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    No, I went back and checked it out. It was produced by Campus Reform, a conservative website whose editor is Cabot Phillips.
    It's run by The Leadership Institute, a conservative non profit aimed a recruiting conservatives.
    Quite a recommendation.

    Anyway, I'm more concerned with the content.
  17. Toecutter

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    As am I, the post is about what is being done in our schools, is this what your students would have been taught,

    Hiding the truth in our history,

    Being afraid to offend someone with the reality of history, so let’s sugar coat everything or just not teach it at all .
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    You have to be specific. What response from the student(s) are you referring to?
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    90% of Americans believe they are smarter than the rest.... and can detect fake news and misinformation better than average.... They are smart people.... who also ignore anything they believe contradicts conventional wisdom and common sense, despite nobody ever proving they exist.... Their teachers often could not teach a child how to use a stupid dictionary if their lives depended on it.... which is why the famous Oxford Evolutionary Theorist and leader of Militant Atheists, Richard Dawkins, made up his own entirely meaningless nonsense word, encouraging millions of his followers to babble complete nonsense, for decades now and counting....

    The US government did this too us.... because we told them too....
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    I hope "American education" is getting "ruined".

    It's pretty much in shambles.

    And way down on the list of competency by country.

    The "greatest country" will soon lose that title unless education is drastically reformed. What they're doing now is a disservice to the citizenry.
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