REPUBLICAN Voter Suppression legislation

Discussion in 'Politics' started by erofant, Mar 20, 2021.

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    There's no such thing as a power grab, when half the damned country is a mindless fucking mob, who want a dictator because they have the brains of a squirrel on meth amphetamines. Donald Duck only came into power because the Tea Party trashed our entire judicial system and promotes the idea that destroying your government is the politically expedient thing to do. If Donald Duck died tomorrow, every low life con artist in the country would compete to take his place. The only thing special about Donald Duck, is that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and it rotted his brain from birth.
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    I'm thinking the Democrats had better use the same tricks to stick it to them. I doubt Republicans intend to be kind when they return to power.
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  3. wooleeheron

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    Democrats represent Wall Street, which has a vested interest in trashing out our government, which is why democrats have helped the Tea Party to destroy the constitution and judicial system, with the Supremes now attempting to figure out how they can make abortion illegal. If democrats actually provided the public with a functional judicial system that actually defends our rights, they would lose their funding in billion dollar elections. Biden will make noises and try to sound like he's offended, but its all professional wrestling at this point, because the banks are doing all the driving.

    Seriously, the latest study proves hands down that both democrats and republicans hate each other more than they trust their own parties, and its a grudge match straight out of professional wrestling, funded by the fucking banks.
  4. newo

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  5. wooleeheron

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    Nobody ever lost money underestimating the average intelligence of the American public, and Wall Street bankers walked away with a slap on the wrist. Some of us actually prefer political parties that put people like Donald Duck in jail, decades before he trashes the entire country.
  6. Piobaire

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  7. wooleeheron

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    You might as well advertise for them, if you think they give a crap about anyone else's opinion.
  8. So you're on board with voter ID, good start.

    Illegal for vote lobbyers to use food and drinks to persuade people. Apparently that's the new "thing". Poll workers can bring food and drink and they're sworn to exhibiting impartiality. Personally I've never seen anyone bring anything to voters in line and wouldn't expect it.

    I didn't hear the part requiring malfunctioning voting machines are placed in minority neighborhoods.

    Early voting hours, maybe they don't want to pay overtime to state workers. Early voting is a new thing since covid, in my opinion it should be scrapped. Vote on election day or by requested absentee ballot. State law should require employers grant a half-day off for everyone on election day.

    Locating drop boxes inside, you're against that why? It just makes tampering harder.

    Election theft because there's rules to follow - interesting take. Sounds like you're presuming one party is more rule adverse than the other. Wouldn't that be a form of discrimination?

    And for the uninformed prattling on about protecting the democracy... We're a republic.
  9. Flagme15

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    Who cares.
    And for the record, republicans worried about illegal voting. . . . What a joke.
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  10. Tishomingo

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    Bull. When people have to stand in line for ten, eleven.twelve hours, giving them water shouldn't be a crime. You're trying to rationalize voter suppression. Isn't it interesting that such lined appear only in minority neighborhoods?

    You should pay more attention.

    Yeah, right. "Maybe..,."

    Yeah, tell me about "rules to follow". We had Retrumplican legislators and the Orange One himself use every trick in the book to overturn the last election, including challenge after challenge in court, attempts to get election officials to come up with votes, attempts to get Congress to decertify the results of the electoral college, attempts to get the Vice President to reject certification of the results by Congress, and as a last resort, an armed assault on the Capitol to disrupt Congressional proceedings on the matter. People who do that are un-American and have no standing to gripe about election irregularities, evidence of which seems to be miniscule.

    Also makes it harder for people who work 9 to 5 to vote when the inside locations are locked up at 5:00 P.M. know there's such a thing as a democratic republic, which is what we are. A republic is often defined as "representative democracy", The U.S. isn't a pure democracy, since we have a constitution assuring basic rights that even the majority can't touch (AKA, a "liberal democracy"). . We have a (gasp) hybrid system which is designed to keep factions from taking advantage of one another while allowing government by the people.Federalist Paper No. 10
    Republic vs. Democracy: What Is the Difference?
    In the the nineteenth century, democracy caught on as a good thing, and by-and-large I think it is. Your idea that democracy and republic are mutually incompatible was a central tenet of the John Birch Society, who thought Eisenhower was a Communist. They're still around. Do you belong? You seem to be a fellow traveler. Folks with those views tend to be elitists who fancy themselves to be superior to us ordinary folks but don't have the smarts to back it up. Otherwise they wouldn't hold such ignorant views. Prattle on.
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  11. newo

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    Any state that disallows mail-in voting must be required to provide plentiful poll stations with lots of voting booths throughout, ensuring that no one must spend over an hour voting. Port o potties must be available, and the poll stations themselves be allowed to provide water. It's simple common sense.

    On election day, businesses should be required to allow their employees to leave work early or come in late so they can vote. Absentee voting should be granted for those who would have difficulty working shortened shifts, such as healthcare workers, teachers, police and postal workers.

    The Republicans fear equal opportunity to vote, and with good reason; it could mean the gradual end of their party. They must be forced to change.
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  12. Your first two paragraphs I agree with and what I've been saying. The new legislation does not conflict with that.
  13. Some of you good folks could take a lesson from this guy.

    Let's see if you can hear this black man out.
    Or, are you the real racist who won't listen carefully to the man you think you're defending?

    Search your soul.

  14. Twogigahz

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  15. Twogigahz

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    I do like his "figure it the fuck out and act like adults" about voting.
  16. Tishomingo

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    Is Jerricho Green the man you think I'm defending? Why? Just because he's black and angry and cusses a lot? Is he supposed to be the real voice of Black America? He has a mentality much like yours, and I wouldn't want to defend that. He's made over a million dollars as a black Retrumplican. "Make sure you get your Greengear 25% off"?? What exactly on the video strikes you as a compelling argument. He's selling the same "voter fraud' B.S. the Orange One and his minnions have been trying to sell us since before last November. He's an African-American version of Rudy. Doesn't seem to care about Asians being bent, folded, spindled and mutilated on our streets. Typical Retrumplican. "I've got mine, Jack. Too bad about you! As long as they pay me good and buy my Greengear, I don't give a shit about anything else" .Not impressed.
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  17. What you didn't learn says more about you than you can say about him. I'm gonna believe you failed to listen the whole way through since you obviously missed key points. Anyway I'm gonna consider you racist for ranting against this good black man who stands up for dignity.

    Actually, you failed to address any point he made, you simply launched an ad hominem attack.
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  18. Twogigahz

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    I don't think we see too many black, poor republicans.
  19. That's a good point. When they go Republican, they take matters into their own hands and drive their own destiny.
  20. wooleeheron

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    At least half the damned republican party is demanding a dictator, and insisting that destroying your own government and promoting a dictator, is good politics. I'm certain they will be willing call a few of them black, or even put on black face, if it makes people happy. No doubt, they will claim it is the mass media misrepresenting them.

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