Reoccuring brian signal blockages

Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by Bilby, May 14, 2004.

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    For years I was under the curse of Astrology.I was finally cured.Nobody even claimed that had any solutions.It would be the closest thing the computer virus for the human brain.

    Ohter things that have caught in my brain are:

    (1) A woman told me that as part of her yoga routine, every six months she takes a salt solution and does a wee out of her bum the next day.Apparently it feels reealy good.

    (2) On a radio documenrary,I heard on dairy farms in the old days, on a cold winter's morning, people would hold their hands under the cow's urine as it was being discharged.

    (3) A bus driver who used to be a slaughterman told me how they would use bricklayer's hammers on calves instead of a stun gun.I have finally managed to digest that one.
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    what the fuck?

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