Renting In madrid.

Discussion in 'Spanish' started by lupita_20, Aug 24, 2005.

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    Hey, can anyone help me?? I have been loooking on the net trying to find Long term accomodation in madrid as I would like to move out there to go to uni, but I haven't been able to find anything (anything that's helpful) so i was wondering if anybody knew of anywhere i could look thanks...
    ps: my previous ad about a free ticket to a real madrid champions leauge match is still on offer all you have to do is become a memeber and mention my name and member number and we both get a ticket gratis, free....
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    1- it depends on what exactly are you looking for. I'm from Madrid and maybe i can help you, if you want, pm me explaining what are you looking for, i mean, how much can you afford, if are you looking for a flat on your own or for sharing a flat with other people...

    2- do you like so much Real Madrid, serious? omg i'm sick of it. I was a great fan in the past, but now it's not sport, it's just fashion and shit.

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