Remembering old dreams.

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by MeowMix, Apr 1, 2007.

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    For the longest time I couldnt remember my dreams until I started to think about dreaming, and now I'm remembering more and more dreams. Its very unusal I will wake up after every dream[[imguessing]] because when I was younger I would tell myself before I'd go to bed to wake up after everydream so I could jot it down in my dream book, and that actually worked for me. What I'm trying to say though is throught out the days I will think of something or look at something and in my mind instanly remember the dream I had. Weather I had it when I was young or if I had it a few days ago. Another strange thing is I've been having dreams about things [for instance one my not my friends but a friends friend being an under cover cop at school] and then finding out this weekend that one of my friends friend, friend was an under cover cop at school. I'm very in touch with myself and my dreams. Sometimes I think I'm crazy. The dreams I'm having are becoming more and more strange, as if it would be what I would see if I where to halosinate on shrooms. Maybe its from the past times that I've done these things? Last night I had dream that my industrail pericing [bar through the ear] was ripped out suddenly, more instanly and that my parents wouldn't take me to the hospital until we found my insurance card which I guess we never did becuase I in my dream the last thing I remember is blood pouring down my neck and slowly passing out, but then I woke up with my boy friend holding me tightly. Maybe it's a sign that I should find my insurance card? <3 Any comments ?'s ... I'm trying to understand all of this

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