Remember Me

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by kidder, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. kidder

    kidder Member

    The hour ships harbour in the night
    Too soon, too soon, will slip away
    The last good-bye in the midnight crying
    Farewell, farewell to yesterday.

    I love you, love you, remember me
    When the hours spin slowly and moments hide
    Small reflections of other days and we
    Go softly in a dream towards the night.
  2. just spotted this one...

    how to be remembered that life was lived.....

    go live the dream.with night given to day
    so tender it can be.....

    throw off the darkness ......

    nice poem.
    love n peace from saff.
  3. kidder

    kidder Member

    It's another one from the group I wrote for J. It's got a lyrical ring to it I like. Thanks for commenting!

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