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Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by Jehovah7, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Jehovah7

    Jehovah7 Member

    Hello beloved brother's and sister's. Welcome, and thank you for visiting my first post. I just would like to share my feelings with others and gather others opinions and tips on abstinence. I'm a 19/sing/male god fearing virgin. By choice I remain that way. I don't know if you wanna count oral sex? But I never tried that either. Only when I started reading the bible and drawing near to God was when I actually made it my goal to be abstinent so the idea is fairly new to me. Interestingly from my experience girls would basically do all the work lol :p and try to confront me but i was really too shy and quiet to follow through on a serious relationship with a girl until now. I also want a female whole is abstinent and god fearing. The idea of me staying abstinent is now ingrained in me! I will feel completely devastated and defeated if I were not to complete my mission. I will put in prayer for God to give me strength to abstain and I trust that the good lord will guide me towards my future love b/c there's no way I can correctly search among the dense population. The main benefits of abstinence is that you will have peace of mind that your obedient to God in this area of your life, better sex, stronger marriage, and freedom from memories of past sexual partners, the list goes on. I believe it's well worth the wait.
  2. Tisha Mc

    Tisha Mc Banned

    I'm sorry to say, but I think you're going to get some pretty negative responses.
    I'm also a virgin waiting until marriage. But I didn't make this decision because of any god. I did it because it was the choice that seemed right for me. Good luck. Not many guys out there that would be willing to make the same commitment, no matter the reason.
  3. Jehovah7

    Jehovah7 Member


    Also It would be a true nightmare if I had to be married to a women that had sex with other men in the past, that's something I can not live with, we can only belong to each other which is crucial!

    any replies would be appreciated and answered
  4. Tisha Mc

    Tisha Mc Banned

    I could deal with my husband not being a virgin, no prob. Just as long as he's completely faithful to me.
  5. Tisha Mc

    Tisha Mc Banned

    That sounds like there might have been a problem with communication more than with sex. You can tell without having sex if there is chemistry present. And if it's just a problem of them not satisfying you, you just tell them what you like. It seems like a minor problem to me.
  6. sarahrei

    sarahrei ~Lover~

    No WAY. Sorry, but god didn't write the bible man did, and no MAN is going to tell me that I should or shouldn't have sex.

    Sex is NATURAL, and it's good. I would never feel comfortable entering a marriage that I hadn't shared that level of closeness.

    Sex isn't always just about explaining how you like to be touched to enjoy it, some people really just aren't suited for one another sexually, and I need to know that before hand.

    I've had 3 other sexual partners before I met my fiancee, and he had 5. I don't feel upset by the fact that he had other partners, we belong to each other NOW, and only each other. Just because he's fucked someone else, and I've fucked someone else doesn't mean that we don't belong to ONLY each other, it's childish to say that.
  7. Jehovah7

    Jehovah7 Member

    It's what God wants and takes joy in... I want to please God and my future soul mate, simple as that. Aside from benefiting in the wrong run.

    Well hopefully I can live up to my words and not become a hippocrate on this matter. I want to become what my soul mate deserves so this means improving myself for God and her in anyway I can. I just want the girl to be pure from any sexual act once so ever. Knowing that that my girl had a sexual past no matter how brief it was would tear me up inside to the point. There's also other factors involved such as wanting her to be god fearing , meaning she's trying to get right with jehovah. In no way shape or form does she need to be a saint because we all need work.
  8. Jehovah7

    Jehovah7 Member

    Ty for speedy replies, Well Sararei I respect your opinion and I didnt think everyone would agree with my words but I just didnt understand when you said the bible was writtin by man which is true it was writtin in physical form by man but it was inspired by God. I understand this is a touchy subject b/c it includes religion and a tough sexual issue which is hard but the more you read the bible and discuss it in groups the more knowledge will come and the peaces of puzzle started to fit in. Just do the rite thing and let Jesus take the wheel! PLZ girls stay pure and read the good book. Not for me but 4 God
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  10. Zorba The Grape

    Zorba The Grape Gavagai?

    This isn't a religious debate. Is there anyone here who can discuss a viewpoint they personally disagree with without starting a debate?
  11. Tisha Mc

    Tisha Mc Banned

    God also tells us to kill gays and disobedient children. For God's sake, don't follow blindly. If you really feel that God had told you personally to wait until marriage, then do it. But not because some book told you to. Yes, man wrote the bible. And, yes, it is said that they wrote it with direction from God. But anybody can say that. Even if it was divinly written, it has been "translated" so many times over the millinia that it does not remotely resemble the original. Added to that the fact that many have manipulated it to suit their desires, and it has never been corrected (fact - not conspiracy. look at the beloved King James and his "contributions"). I believe that God (Allah, spirits, mother earth, whomever) does speak to people internally, and that is the direction you should take. Every person is spoken to differently, God has different plans for all people (even Judas fullfilled his duty to God in doing what was planned). Nobody can tell you what His plan is for you. Just follow your heart. If this is what God wants of you, than you will know. Just, when you open your heart, make sure to open your mind as well.
  12. RobynCB90

    RobynCB90 Member

  13. sarahrei

    sarahrei ~Lover~

    This exactly.

    The bible was written ages ago, in many different languages then english. There is a very good chance that it was translated wrong.

    But speaking as someone whos had sex with more then one person, and is getting married next year I think getting married without having sex first is leading yourself blindly into divorce.
  14. Jehovah7

    Jehovah7 Member

    Hey guys, I for one think the bible is shockingly true and accurate. The only book you need is the bible to guide you and not yourself. It can make a huge impact in one's life and brings you closer to our father. I believe that the bible is all truth and a solid rock to lean on during rough times even though it might seem confusing at times. The human race would be essentially lost without it or ad least I would. Sadly I've been distracted to read the bible and pray daily and am trying to come back to it so I'm not perfect. For example, the parts of the bible that tell of Jesus words and actions are true so how can you call the whole book inaccurate which is kind of being unfair in a way to me. Long story short, your relationship with God is most important, everything else is basically a distraction.
  15. audiovisions

    audiovisions Member

    Personally I think there is nothing wrong with sex outside of marriage, infact it is a healthly thing. The bible teaches abstinence, and from human nature I can see the point, usually the emotions for your first one are the strongest. However, I do not think that its realisitc this day in age. IMO, don't be a slut, if you have sex with someone make sure its with someone who is close to you. Nature should take its course in relationships. I am a christian, and I believe in the bible, however IMO following it word for word is not the idea, I am not saying twist things around to appease you, but instead let it guide you in the right direction. There should be no shame in sex between two people who truely care about each other, two souls know when its right and the time is right. Marrige is a great thing, but marriage does not necessarily mean love. I can't even tell you how many people in my church got married right out of high school, and although some of them worked out, a lot of them didn't.

    I am not saying that there is anything wrong with abstinence, as long as it is your choice and for the right reasons. However IMO think its important to have relationship experience to have a successful relationship.
  16. metalguru77

    metalguru77 Member

    Very cool you quoted Roger Waters !!
  17. Therese Aline

    Therese Aline Slave to the man

    I couldn't marry a virgin. It's a stipulation of mine, whoever I date or marry has to be sexually experienced. Even before I had sex I educated myself on how to please a man and myself, and since I became sexually active I'm putting what I learned into practice. I expect the same from him. He better not only know how to please me, he better have practice and know what the hell he's doing. I couldn't spend my life with someone that couldn't satisfy me sexually, and I expect him to feel the same. But that's just me.
  18. Jehovah7

    Jehovah7 Member

    tisha mc I think your brave not to care if your partner is not a virgin or not because that means your bringing something to the table but he's not:confused: I thought girls cared more about that stuff . So basically what your saying is audio that sex is alright outside of marriage as long as you love one another in your opinion, ok but if you love each other why would the couple even even feel the need to have sex . I think if you were really in love with one another you can easily wait until marriage. Here are a few of my reasons and opinion to wait until marriage...

    Couple #1 consists of two virgins who waited to have sex until marriage for God to officially bind them together in marriage and union with god.

    Couple #2 consists of two virgins but they gave into physical attraction and had sex outside of marriage.

    Couple #3 consists of ad least one non-virgin and they wait to have sex until marriage.

    Couple #4 consists of ad least one non-virgin and they have sex outside of marriage.

    Which couple is best following God's original plan for marriage thus being blessed with heavenly riches? Which couple will benefit most and have the strongest bond in the long run? Which couple had the most patience and trusted God to guide them toward a proper mate?

    I think couple #1 hand's down

    I think by having sex outside marriage is being selfish towards your true soul mate and is especially disrespectful to your own body which is God's temple and should only belong to God.

    Don't worry about pleasing your spouse or bf or gf. You would be very wise to focus and be devoted to God while still pure and trusting in him that he will take care of you. In another word's you will be rewarded for putting God first and trusting your life in his hands.
  19. Jehovah7

    Jehovah7 Member

    I'll name a few more reason's why abstinence is the way to go while there still fresh in my head. First off it's not that long of a wait at all considering we live an eternity, what's a few more years? Some people went there whole life without sex. Your hormone's may tell you otherwise but are you going to let your hormones guide you?

    Second is that you don't have to worry about getting pregnant or any std or aids.

    Third is that you will not feel used, or have depression from breakups

    Fourth is not being compared to past sexual partner's, and a more stable long lasting relationship.

    Fifth More respect
  20. Jehovah7

    Jehovah7 Member

    Also just wanna throw it out there that 75% of people who are infected with herpes show no symptoms, so they don't no they have it yet and can spread it. To make that worse people almost never use condoms to make it worse. Do I make valid enough points or am I just full of it?

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